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+ - Windows OEM, on the same system with VmWare?

Submitted by
thecaptain2000 writes "I have a system with a licensed windows OEM. On the very same system I have Linux now, but for some applications I still need windows so I was planning on running it on vmware as the application is not running under Wine. The point is XP nees to be activated and under Vmware it believes it is under a different system. I have had no luck so far with Microsoft. What are my options? First of all, do I have a case? Can I run W2000 instead (no activation) and say this is licensed because I had a licence of a newer version? Push harder Microsoft?"

+ - Sony is bringing a Buzz! to the classroom

Submitted by
jtorry writes "School-friendly version of PS2 quiz sensation to be unveiled at trade show.

A new edition of Buzz!, Sony's family quiz series that uses a buzzer controller, is in the works that can be played in the classroom to help primary school pupils learn without the need for pesky books and other outdated teaching paraphernalia. Buzz!: The Schools Quiz promises to combine the BAFTA award-winning gameplay of the original hit title with Key Stage 2 National Curriculum content, covering topics like Ancient Egypt and the weather.

Developed by Relentless Software in partnership with the Department for Education and Skills, it will feature more than 5,000 unique questions to create the perfect classroom tool. A Team Play mode will encourages cooperation between players, while Fastest Finger will offer a quick, competitive quiz. There will be teacher controls built in to enable them to choose what subjects pupils are being tested on.

Buzz!: The School Quiz will be unveiled at an education trade show next week before being undergoing an extensive trial in the classroom. Schools should be able to buy a copy this summer from all good specialist retailers."
User Journal

Journal: Apple iPhone 2

Journal by XMLsucks
Pending questions regarding the iPhone:
  • Can the iPhone route Internet traffic to a laptop, particularly sharing Edge with a laptop over WLAN?
  • Can ISV's ship complementary software for the iPhone? It is running Mac OS X, and thus technically this should have a chance; but does Apple provide APIs for third party software to smoothly integrate with the remaining phone software, and to smoothly interact with the touch screen interface? Will the iPhone be another target in Xcode

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