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Comment Important to pass, not to understand or use (Score 1) 656 656

Getting your BSc or even your BSe (Software Engineering) will require calculus. You're unlikely to ever use it again since you won't pick a job that requires a deep understanding of the subject. You can even look up anything that you need to know and/or use libraries written by those with that deep understanding. Just get through the courses.

Fired IT Worker Replaces CEO's Presentation With Porn 316 316

An anonymous reader writes "52-year-old Walter Powell wanted revenge when he was fired from his position as an IT manager at Baltimore Substance Abuse System Inc. So, he hacked into their systems — installing keyloggers to steal passwords. Then, when his CEO was giving a presentation to the board of directors he replaced the slides with pornographic images. Powell has now been given a 2 year suspended sentence, and 100 hours community service."

Scientists Use Calvin Klein Cologne to Lure Big Cats 63 Screenshot-sm 63

Biologists can't speak on the effectiveness of Calvin Klein Obsession for Men on the cougars at your local bar, but they do know that jaguars love it. Rony Garcia and Jose Moreira from the Wildlife Conservation Society's (WCS) Jaguar Conservation Program use the cologne to attract jaguars in the jungles of Guatemala. "The method we are using to study the jaguars here in Guatemala is a non-invasive method which is based on photographing the individuals by using camera traps," Moreira says. "It has been very useful using Obsession (for Men) to get the jaguars in front of these camera traps ... and that allows us to estimate with greater confidence the genders and the numbers that live in each studied site."

Submission + - Psychadelic Corn Could be Key to Better Biofuels->

An anonymous reader writes: Pennsylvania State researchers recently published an article detailing their discovery of a set of genes that help transport carbohydrates through corn plants. It just so happens those genes are called psychedelics — because of the green and yellow stripes they cause in corn leaves — and the researchers believe that with some manipulation they could increase crop yields, assist with drought resistance, and improve the amount of biofuel available in each plant.
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Submission + - US Patent Office teams with Google on database->

PatPending writes: From the article:

The Patent and Trademark Office announced today it has reached a two-year "no-cost" agreement with Google to make patent and trademark data electronically available for free to the public in bulk form.

Saying it lacks the technical capacity to offer such a service, PTO said the two-year agreement with Google is a temporary solution while the agency seeks a contractor to build a database that would allow the public to access such information in electronic machine-readable bulk form.

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Submission + - Olympus digital camera ships with computer worm->

An anonymous reader writes: Olympus Japan has issued a warning to customers who have bought its Stylus Tough 6010 digital compact camera that it comes with an unexpected extra — a virus on its internal memory card.

The Autorun worm cannot infect the camera itself, but if it is plugged into a Windows computer USB port it can copy itself onto the PC, and then subsequently infect any attached USB device. Olympus says it "humbly apologises" for the incident which is believed to have affected some 1700 units, and that it will make every effort to improve its quality control procedures in future.

Security company Sophos says that more companies need to wake up to the need for better quality control to ensure that they don't ship virus-infected gadgets. At the same time, consumers should learn to always ensure Autorun is disabled, and scan any device for malware, before they use it on their computer.

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Submission + - Violent Videogames Only Affect Some People->

An anonymous reader writes: The media would have you believe that violent videogames will be the downfall of our civilization and the cause of moral decline in young people. A recent study suggests that most people aren't so easily influenced by the violence; instead, just a few bad apples are likely to react poorly, with everyone else showing little or no effect from playing these games.
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Submission + - Comparing Open Source Neural Network Frameworks->

An anonymous reader writes: Encog, Neuroph, and JOONE are the primary open source Java neural networks frameworks. In this article the author benchmarks them and gives some guidance to choosing the most suitable one. Encog, with its GPU acceleration and multi-core support is the fastest of the bunch.
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Submission + - Stem Cell Tourists Take Costa Rica off the Agenda->

An anonymous reader writes: Stem cell tourism is a booming and troubling industry, in which clinics in places like Mexico, China, and India offer rich tourists experimental stem cell-based treatments, none of which have been approved by the FDA here in the U.S. (Check out some of these creepy sites that offer treatments for everything from autism to MS, and even the "very common ailment called aging.") But in one positive development, Costa Rica just shut down its top stem cell clinic. Said the country's health minister: “This isn’t allowed in any serious country in the world.”
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3rd-Grader Busted For Jolly Rancher Possession 804 Screenshot-sm 804

theodp writes "A third-grader in a small Texas school district received a week's detention for merely possessing a Jolly Rancher. Leighann Adair, 10, was eating lunch Monday when a teacher confiscated the candy. Her parents said she was in tears when she arrived home later that afternoon and handed them the detention notice. But school officials are defending the sentence, saying the school was abiding by a state guideline that banned 'minimal nutrition' foods. 'Whether or not I agree with the guidelines, we have to follow the rules,' said school superintendent Jack Ellis."

Commodore 64 Primed For a Comeback In June 330 330

angry tapir writes "The Commodore 64 is getting a makeover, with a new design and some of the latest computing technologies, as the brand gets primed for a comeback. The revamped computer will be available through the Commodore USA online store, which is set to open June 1. The computer will be an all-in-one keyboard, with Intel's 64-bit quad-core microprocessors and 3D graphics capabilities."

CES Vendors Kicked Out of Hotels For Showcasing Wares in Room 285 285

An anonymous reader writes to mention that a number of companies attempting to stretch their dollars by showing their new gear in hotel suites around Vegas during CES were kicked out of the rooms they paid for by CES organizers and hotel staff. According to sources as many as 30 small electronics companies may have been kicked out of The Venetian and The Palazzo on Thursday. One anonymous vendor claims they were coerced into paying $10,000 to the CEA lest they be kicked out of their (paid for) suite and barred from exhibiting or meeting with clients. 'States our source, "I asked the hotel staff if there were any limitations for using the suite. They said the only limitations were how many people were at our parties. They didn't say there were any limitations on displaying product. We set up our product on the first day. Then on Wednesday a cleaning person came in and reported what they saw to management. From there we got kicked out on Thursday."'

Cellphone Radiation May Protect Brain From Alzheimers 254 254

We've discussed cellphones and cancer many times. Here's a new angle: reader olddotter sends in a Reuters article suggesting that cellphone radiation may protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease. "At the end of that time, they found cellphone exposure erased a build-up of beta amyloid, a protein that serves as a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's mice showed improvement and had reversal of their brain pathology..."

Netbooks Have Higher Failure Rate Than Laptops 264 264

Barence writes "Netbooks are more likely to fail within the first year than their more expensive laptop brethren, according to new research. SquareTrade, an independent US warranty provider, analyzed the failure rates of more than 30,000 laptops covered by its own warranties. It found that 5.8% of netbooks malfunctioned within the first year, compared to 4.7% for regular laptops and 4.2% for premium laptops costing more than $1,000. The research also raises question marks over the legendary reliability of Macs. Three PC manufacturers — Asus, Toshiba, and Sony — boasted better reliability rates than Apple. Macs have a 17.4% malfunction rate over three years, compared to market-leader Asus, which has a 15.6% failure rate. HP was the worst of the nine PC vendors listed, with a malfunction rate of 25.6% over three years."

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