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Comment Re:To curb terrorism (Score 1) 219 219

troll huh?

- support for israel at the expense of palestenians
- support for dictators of the middle east
- US military outposts scattered over the middle east
- popularity of western culture in the middle east
- not too long ago the whole middle east was colonized!
these are just the major points

my point is the projection of influence and power is basically one way from the West (US) -> middle east. the suggestion that muslims are the ones changing the West is ludicrous compared to this.

Comment Re:Remember the stripper visa (Score 1) 122 122

well then, hand over the green cards which would allow them to settle in the US and demand treatment just like citizens. oh right those are only for relatives of people already in the US..more than a million of them each year. yea they don't take jobs.

Comment Re:moot with 4k monitors (Score 1) 567 567

you missed the point. you can adjust your application window to any aspect ratio and size. i'm just saying that a big 4k monitor gives you more choice in that adjustment. it's like putting a 16:10 picture on a wall. do you care about the aspect ration of the wall?

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