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Comment: Re:That's Not How It Works (Score 5, Insightful) 276 276

by majestic_twelve (#35821682) Attached to: White House To Drop Details of Cyber ID On Tax Day
It will be voluntary until businesses only accept transactions associated with this ID and, like EULA's which are also completely voluntary, people will simply "agree" and go along with it so they can watch their porn, buy their Amazon merchandise, or whatever have you.

Comment: Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 705 705

by majestic_twelve (#35802154) Attached to: Senator Wants to Tax Internet Shopping
Business is conducted in SO many ways online. This won't pass, I bet. Every single online retailer, from mom-and-pop to fortune 500, will need to either maintain a database of states and their rates or the government will need to provide an API so sites can get access to states rates. Also, who is going to maintain the database if it is federally maintained? States? The federal government? Either way that's just needless work being created. What if the rates change? I certainly don't watch the news from all 50 states and all my online business would be affected by such changes. (I don't have any online businesses but I very well could and many many individuals just like myself do.) This will result in several small e-commerce sites being put out of business simply by virtue there are so many stores out there that don't have this in their systems and they are maintained by non-programmers and probably can't afford to pay a programmer to implement this. I know it's not technically hard but like any other sudden, regulatory need I can guarantee you there will be developers out there taking advantage of this and saying "this will cost $5k, minimum" to the mom and pop shops.

Comment: I'm a power user (Score 1) 336 336

by majestic_twelve (#35757690) Attached to: Quad-Core Mobile Chips Wasted On Mobiles?
I would love to be able to download stuff in the background (pdfs, music, movies, whatever), respond to texts as they come up, play a game, pause it because I got a thought, jump over to my browser and look something up, jump back to my game, get a call and answer it all without any background threads having to "sleep" or whatever. I would utilize it.

Comment: Re:The real reason people like noSQL... (Score 1) 259 259

by majestic_twelve (#35756408) Attached to: SQL and NoSQL are Two Sides of the Same Coin
SQL is a set-based language. It was never intended to be an object based language like C# or a procedural language like VBScript. Most of the trouble I've found is when I have tried to write SQL like I write C# code. The two almost never mix. When kept to set/result based operations, SQL is awesome. It's making that mental switch back and forth that hamstrings most developers.

Comment: Re:As I said last time (Score 1) 198 198

by majestic_twelve (#35745568) Attached to: Pandora App Sends Private Data To Advertisers
I can't believe how many people just accept apps regardless of what warnings pop up. I like how my Android phone would tell me which pieces of the phone an app would access. I refused to install a game that, say, wanted to access my address book. It had no reason to be there so I kicked it to the curb. On my Blackberry I don't give any app "Trusted" status and restrict GPS access to all apps except my AT&T Navigator and Maps apps and then I even restrict each app meaning, for example, if I download a game, I deny Security Data access, Email access, etc. People just need to pay attention and give a damn about their data.

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