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Comment Re:Solution looking for a problem? Talk and drive! (Score 1) 174

I'm still not entirely clear what the Apple Watch is supposed to do for me, especially when it's still reliant on a cell phone to function.

It does have a GREAT use. I see everyday people using their cell phones in their cars while driving, phone on the ear. All new and luxury cars even. Im sure those cars have bluetooth, but somehow people dont know how to use or dont like how it sounds or whatever.
Since Apple watch allows to talk through it, Im sure it will diminished the chance of accident for those who drive with the phone on the ear. Since talking to the wrist allows the hand to grab the wheel, while if fit is holding a phone it is more difficult.
I know that Apple wont be able to promote it this way, but I really believe that iphone users will have fewer accidents of they use an Apple Watch.

Comment Re:Well, what did you expect? (Score 1) 146

The world is changing fast and governments are not responding in a timely manner to the new reality.

Everyone as able to get a cheap drone.

Everyone is able to work as a Taxi without license nor paying taxes.

Everyone is able to work as a Hotel without paying taxes.

Regulations are no longer effective.

We really need a new kind of government.

Comment "gold standard" transformed to "lead standard" (Score 1) 73

Although USD lost it "gold standard", but replaced it with "lead standard". That is the real intrinsic value. The US government wants taxes to be payed un USD. If you dont pay your taxes, the have a lot of weapons that fires lead that forces you to pay your taxes in USD.
Thas the real "intrinsic value" for USD, that Bitcoins lacks.

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