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Comment: "gold standard" transformed to "lead standard" (Score 1) 73

by maitas (#47466761) Attached to: Finnish National TV Broadcaster Starts Sending Bitcoin Blockchain

Although USD lost it "gold standard", but replaced it with "lead standard". That is the real intrinsic value. The US government wants taxes to be payed un USD. If you dont pay your taxes, the have a lot of weapons that fires lead that forces you to pay your taxes in USD.
Thas the real "intrinsic value" for USD, that Bitcoins lacks.

Comment: Philosophy, arts, Physics and programming (Score 1) 509

by maitas (#47461827) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

Major en Physics, and Philosophy. Minor on art and programming.

Before the Industrial revolution, Philosophy and Arts were the top topics to learn. The idea is that first you need to understand what living is about (Philosophy) and you need to be able to appreciate beauty.

Industrial Revolution needed people to be able to read and perform task, thats why it got replaced by Math and Language.

Keep the basics, Philosophy (to understand what life is about), Physics (in case of desperation), art (minor in art, to be able to appreciate beauty), and programming (with special focus on basic compute theory), so you have a good foundation on how to take advantage of the more advanced technologies that might appear.

  My 2 cents.

+ - About programming languages "perfection" 1

Submitted by maitas
maitas (98290) writes "Some time ago there were a story about JAVA vs. other programming languages measured by Google, where "The Java version was probably the simplest to implement"

This time is "Reactive Programming" (whatever that means) compared to procedural programming.

According to some kind of "expressiveness" of programming languages, Python looks like a winner.

The point is that I feel programming languages needs a formal mathematical proof about which is the simplest way to represent a program, and to work from there to create the "simplest" programming language possible.

Although thats something even Von Neumann was not able to achieve, it is a good time for a company with a lot of money like Google to fund this research through a big money prize. That could propel a new era of smart devices for the so called Internet of things assuming a new simpler programming language/paradigm arises.

My question is, does any slashdoter has any hard data whether this is a doable task ?"

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