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Comment: Comcast vs Netflix (Score 1) 343

by maitai (#47140205) Attached to: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

I honestly don't get this. So Netflix was using other network providers and hoping they'd get their traffic to Comcast customers in a timely manner and they were not. So Netflix works out a peering arrangement with Comcast to deliver traffic directly to Comcasts network and this is somehow bad? This is how the net has always been.

Think about it, if Netflix decided their sole connection would be to some ISP in Bulgaria, and their traffic was slow to Comcast customers how would that be Comcasts fault? You want rapid delivery, you pay for it. So now Netflix pays to directly connect to Comcasts network instead of using third parties. That's you know, normal.

Comment: BMW E85 Z4's (Score 1) 437

by maitai (#46033835) Attached to: You Might Rent Features & Options On Cars In the Future

2003-2005 models that didn't come with fog lights also didn't 'come with' heated mirrors although the hardware is in place. With the right software and cable (or pay a dealership into doing it) you can enable fog lights and that will enable the heated mirrors. It's the only instance that I personally know of where the hardware is already there but disabled in software, but I'm sure there's others.

And of course you can enable/disable/customize all sorts of other features of your car that are just outright software based. A few which were country specific or were never factory options (and can't even be enabled by your dealership) like digital speedometer. Kind of like how setting the power window function when ignition off to ec (European) instead of us enables use of the power windows when the car is off.

I've enabled 'features' on friends BMW's such as passing lights, exterior light flash when lock/unlock, interior lights on when trunk opened, power windows with car off, closing of car with key fob (top, or windows and sunroof), fog lights as cornering lights, daytime running lights, the little red clown nose under the rear view mirror to flash after the car has been locked for 10 seconds even though the car doesn't even have an alarm, instant mpg, etc. And of course the heated mirrors by enabling fog lights...

Comment: Re:good (Score 1) 783

by maitai (#42146035) Attached to: UK Government Mandates the Teaching of Evolution As Scientific Fact

You mean article 2 from the European Convention on Human Rights? Since you bright it up I pasted it below, since it has more to say on the matter than just that education is a right.


No person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any functions which it assumes in relation to education and to teaching, the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching in conformity with their own religions and philosophical convictions.

Comment: Video is FUD? (Score 5, Informative) 287

by maitai (#42124153) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which OSS Database Project To Help?

Pretty much all the test cases from that video fail on MySQL if the sql-mode is set to traditional. MySQL will throw an error when data would be truncated, throws an error when you try to insert a NULL value in a NOT NULL column, refuses to alter a table if the existing data would be truncated, throws an error on an invalid date, on select only returns a warning for division by 0 but throws an error on an insert of division by 0, throws an error if you try to insert a string into a numeric column and so on.

I understand of course that the strict modes aren't enabled by default but they're easy enough to enable if you choose to. Via my.cnf, the command line when mysqld is started up or while connected to the mysql server itself (for just that session, or globally for all sessions).

I didn't run through all their examples, but mostly because I got bored and all their examples that I did try were throwing errors (except the select 1/0 one, which issued a warning) with the sql-mode set to traditional on MySQL (postgresql is also a sql-mode option but I didn't play with that one since I've never used it before).

Comment: Re:All Edison's fault (Score 1) 1080

by maitai (#41470989) Attached to: Light Bulb Ban Produces Hoarding In EU, FUD In U.S.

7 lines with Verizon ($453.98, cousins iPhone 4S, brothers iPhone 4S, my iPhone 5, my Vaio Z, sons iPhone 4, sons netbook, daughters iPhone 4), 2 lines with AT&T ($135, mothers iPhone 4 and sisters iPhone 4). Cable is $367.75 (Comcast, all channels + sports package, 2 anyrooms, DVR, 105/20Mbs, home security and phone).

So no, that number was about right.

Comment: Re:All Edison's fault (Score 1) 1080

by maitai (#41450147) Attached to: Light Bulb Ban Produces Hoarding In EU, FUD In U.S.

I can tell you why I don't replace my lighting. It'd cost me $2100 to replace every bulb in my home (not including the 8 flood lamps). I also rent, so naturally I'd like to take them with me when I move and there's that little catch where when I move out all bulbs in the home must be in working order (same as they were when I moved in) so that would (eventually) mean purchasing a whole mess of CFLs (or figuring out how to store 40+ incandescent bulbs safely until I move).

As an aside my home runs on gas so my winter time (when lighting would most factor in) electricity bill only runs about $40 a month. It will hit $90 a month during the summer but that's my A/C's fault. Therefore electricity bills aren't a huge concern of mine (especially if compared to my cable and cell phone bill which together hit over $800 a month).

Comment: DDoS? (Score 1) 483

by maitai (#41292053) Attached to: GoDaddy Goes Down, Anonymous Claims Responsibility

Honestly, it looks more like a routing issue to me. Our production servers can't reach Godaddy's DNS servers at all, but other computers in the same NOC (different IP blocks) have no issue. Our in office server and desktops (as well as my home server and computers) also have no issue with contacting Godaddy's DNS servers.

I could be wrong of course. But I'm really only experiencing issues with contacting Godaddy's DNS servers from certain machines while others have no issue at all (can't get to their website from anywhere though).

Comment: Re:Some advice (Score 2) 708

by maitai (#40524413) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Stay Employable?

I wish there was a moderator option of 'misinformed' but there's not, so I'm just going to reply.

You're not taxed twice (unless you started a corp for some reason). I've been a contractor for over a decade. My effective federal income tax rate was 15% and around 18% if you tossed in self employment tax (SS) and the like. (I'm not actually sure on the numbers, but know it was ~19% total). So hardly 30-40%.

I don't have a family, but my personal health insurance costs me $180 a month. That's a 10k deductible but I'm more than living with thinking that insurance is for unexpected things I can't afford and am happy to pay for the things I can out of pocket (besides, the insurance is a 100% write off and anything I spend cash for is a write off 7.5% of my AGI. Except I've never spent that much).

You also get those little benefits (if like me) you use your home to work, etc. Where you get to write off portions of your rent, utilities, phone bills, internet bills, etc.

And then there's section 179 where you can write off (most) recent tech purchases at 100%, or at whatever percent you use them. And yeah.

The end of labor is to gain leisure.