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Speedcabling - Untangling For Fun and Profit 138

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the you-gotta-be-kidding-me dept.
ibnsuleiman writes "A new competitive sport is emerging amongst IT professionals and hobbyists. Speedcabling tests the ability to untangle the rat's nests that grow inside and outside of the beige boxes that pervade todays homes and workplaces. The first public competition was held in an LA gallery for a $50 gift certificate to a local Italian restaurant. The winner, LA web developer Matthew Howell, had to untangle a dozen ethernet cables in record time leaving them in working order to win."

Nanotech Anode Promises 10X Battery Life 193

Posted by kdawson
from the all-day-laptop dept.
UNIMurph sends word out of Stanford University that researchers have discovered a way to increase battery life tenfold by using silicon nanowires. Quoting 'It's not a small improvement,' [lead researcher Yi] Cui said. 'It's a revolutionary development.' Citing a research paper they wrote, published in Nature Nanotechnology, Cui said the increased battery capacity was made possible though a new type of anode that utilizes silicon nanowires. Traditional lithium ion batteries use graphite as the anode. This limits the amount of lithium — which holds the charge — that can be held in the anode, and it therefore limits battery life... 'We are working on scaling up and evaluating the cost of our technology,' Cui said. 'There are no roadblocks for either of these.'"

The Register Exposes More Wikipedia Abuse 524

Posted by Zonk
from the it's-the-internet-how-could-there-not-be-drama dept.
cyofee writes "The Register has up another article exposing abuse of Wikipedia's policies and processes. It tells a tale of a man, Gary Weiss, controlling the Wikipedia article about himself and his enemies (one of Wikipedia's biggest taboos) all under the blessing of the Wikipedia Cabal. A man who attempted to expose the affair on Wikipedia, along with his his entire IP range (some 1000 homes), was permanently blocked. This comes only days after the affair of the Secret Mailing list."

Comment: djbrocks (Score 1) 304

by main() (#21253189) Attached to: Qmail At 10 Years — Reflections On Security
I have to say I am sad to see so many negative reactions to djb and his software.

I'm not sure where the accusations of arrogance against Bernstein come from. I've never met the guy but having studied his code I would say, if anything, his programming style exudes humility. He doesn't trust client software, he doesn't trust the standard libraries and he doesn't trust himself. I think if you look closely at his "style" (for want of a better word) you will find a lot worth emulating.

Personally, I still use qmail and tinydns on my own boxes, where appropriate. At work I don't have any problem recommending his software either and have used qmail for projects relaying over 8 million messages a day without issue. Saying it "doesn't scale" is, in my opinion, untrue. Or at least misleading.

Anyway, djb, I for one salute you!


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