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Comment: Is it even legal? (Score 1) 561

by mahoney.d.82 (#33850774) Attached to: Google Secretly Tests Autonomous Cars In Traffic

OK, even though I'm a US citizen, I've lived in Italy most of my life, so I have to admit I'm not completely familiar with US laws. Here in Italy, though, driving something that hasn't passed local security tests is illegal on public streets. I assume it tipically takes at least a couple of years before a car manufacturer can build newly developed technologies into it's cars, because of all the testing involved, so unless Google asked for and was granted permission to modify/drive these cars (but in that case it wouldn't be much of a secret), I'm assuming things here aren't completely legal here. Unless, of course, things in the US work differently than I think. Legal or not, though, you have to admit that doing similar tests poses quite a risk for the people driving around you. OK, nothing happened so far, no accidents, but have these systems been properly tested to avoid such things from happening? And even if, do they have permission to perform these test without the proper authorities supervising them?

Comment: Re:Peter jackson... (Score 1) 222

by mahoney.d.82 (#33787632) Attached to: MGM and Warner Near On Deal For <em>Hobbit</em> Films

The post's called "Tolkien Crackpot Thories" for a reason...

Jokes aside, i't actually pretty interesting. As a theory, that is.

1. Meh...

2. You never se him and Galadriel together, either, doesn't mean they're one and the same.

3. If the Witch-King had such fear of his master, he wouldn't be playing the whole Tom cross-dressing thing at all...

4. Maybe the glint was because he didn't like the guys, which is the same reaction of pretty much everyone else who's told of the black riders.

5. I always found this fascinating. Remember that, once someone wore the Ring, they would exist in two distinct worlds, just as the Elves. Bombadil might've simply been able to see both worlds, who knows?

6. If someone could wear the Ring without disappearing... Hell, if I knew of someone who refused the ring simply because he didn't want the damn thing, I'd no doubt be doing whatever he said, no questions asked.

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