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by maharvey (#46370119) Attached to: Water Filtration With a Tree Branch

And people living in desert regions of the world don't have easy access to sapwood...

People living in desert regions probably get their water from wells, which is relatively clean.

People living in more temperate regions where there is excess water are more likely to drink the dirty surface runoff. It's not that water is scarce, it's that it is dirty. Where I live, trees are weeds... I have to pull tree sprouts up by the dozens every year to keep my yard from turning into a rainforest. But we don't drink out of rivers or lakes here, even if they look clean. We filter it. We don't drink the tapwater unfiltered either because the government loads it up with chlorine and ammonia. Yuck. A large chunk of the developing world population (where this is most useful) lives in tropical areas with plenty of water and plenty of trees.

A solution can still be useful, even if its not useful to everybody.

Comment: Isn't very helpful (Score 2) 131

by maharvey (#46166153) Attached to: Why the Latest FISA Release By Google Et Al. Means Squat

Unfortunately, restricting government data requests to a broad range isn't very helpful

Of course it's not very helpful. It was never meant to be, nobody really expected it to be, and I'm sure they went to significant effort to ensure that no utility crept in by accident. As soon as the government allows or does anything, it is foregone that it won't be helpful or useful in any way. It is a tautology.

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by maharvey (#46071161) Attached to: Michaels Stores Investigating Possible Data Breach
You have more than you need. I know because you have a computer and free time to post on Slashdot. Why aren't you donating 90% of your pay to hunger relief? Why don't you donate it to the Federal Government for healthcare? After all, failure to do so is murder. I guarantee they'll take your check! Don't know where to send it because you're too lazy to ask? Still murder. You could at least donate it to a local shelter. You don't need more than one set of clothes either. Or a car. You don't need the computer you're staring at right now. Liquidate and donate! Or are you selfish?

+ - Feds pull Google Glass user from theater for suspected piracy->

Submitted by maharvey
maharvey (785540) writes "A man wearing prescription Google Glass in a theater was pulled out and questioned by agents of the MPAA and Homeland Security. No word on who tipped them off or why they were hanging out there at 10pm. The feds wouldn't let him go until they'd verified the contents of his Google Glass, yet they characterize the interaction as "voluntary." Apparently the DHS is the new MPAA enforcement arm. Does this mean that "homeland" has been redefined as "corporate?""
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