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Comment Re:And what do engineers use ? (Score 1) 568

Can engineers pass the blame faulty software?

I am thinking the engineer just has to sign off on the the results, not what tools he used in his analysis. So he can use crap software or good software or none at all, the important thing is that he is personally satisfied and takes responsibility. If it were me I think I'd demand software that was itself approved/signed by other engineers, rather than stake my livelihood on the typical "use at your own risk" license.

Comment Re:Not a loophole, that's reality (Score 1) 59

Sort of like airlines. Who cares if first class is more money as long as everyone else is on the same footing?

What people really worry about is coach class being *downgraded* so it is cramped and miserable. Surely this two-tier structure harms no one and produces extra services people enjoy.

(That analogy may be a stretch, but it is interesting food for thought.)

Comment Re:We accept your apology (Score 1) 398

Stop using the web. Seriously, there are plenty of pages that (if I can't block the ads) just aren't worth visiting. There are sites I have blocked to avoid accidentally clicking a link and ending up there. Not because I'll get infected, but because I don't want to have to see the obnoxious ads. Really, I can find other things to do than surf the web. I have more hobbies that I have time for, and there are always errands and chores if I get tired of slacking. (har har)

Poop in my brownies and I'll just stop eating them. Who watches TV with ads anymore? Who buys magazines that are 90% ads and 10% content? About the only place the advertisers still have a captive audience is radio, because drivers have little alternative and playing the same CD over and over again during an hour long commute gets stale. But even here, now I can stream Pandora to my stereo through Bluetooth so my life is almost 100% ad free!

You know, this is what happened with music. The RIAA morons tried to lock down their distribution, tried to sue their customers. MPAA? They copy protect their disks and make me sit through previews and ads. Too many hassles, too many dick moves, too much annoyance. So no more buying CDs, no more buying movie DVDs. And you know what? I don't miss them! As it turns out there are lots of creative entrepreneurial folks who still offer me music and movies in a more pleasant form, tailored to my needs instead of theirs. But even if there weren't, I can get along without them. My life is not so shallow, dull, and meaningless that I have to suck on a sewer pipe for entertainment.

So go ahead and pass laws. Dig your own grave, pound the nails into your own coffin. The more you grasp, the more success will elude you, and the harder I'll laugh.

Comment Re: If that's how Pokemon Int'l treats its fans.. (Score 1) 212

Corporations only own our culture because we buy our culture from corporations. If people don't want to be owned, they should stop being a fanboy of someone else's ideas and make their ideas. Of course this will never happen in society at large, it is an individual choice, and once you go it alone you cease to have a meaningful impact on culture. The vocal minority (backed by advertising $$$) will always hog the spotlight and create that gravitational center we think of as culture. Like it or not, our culture has been hijacked and we can't do jack shit about it.

Comment Re:Icehouse Earth (Score 1) 637

Human dry biomass is only about 100 billion tons. In other words, if all humans were dried out to be burned as fuel, we would supply our own energy needs for about 2.5 days (if we paradoxically had energy needs after being dried out to use as fuel).

So the average human has a dry mass of 14.3 tons... that means a wet mass of 22 tons... seems a tad high. Oh wait, is shit considered biomass?

Comment Re:Affirmative Action is not the same as sexism (Score 1) 517

Oh no doubt! A generation of restless, unemployed, discriminated-against, angry young men will be very beneficial to society. Just think what they will accomplish in their free time! The lessons they will learn! One very important lesson is that women should do all the work, leaving them to their entertainment. Hmm I wonder what forms of entertainment they will engage in? Idle hands are the mother of invention, isn't that how the proverb goes? Wait, no it was idle hands are next to godliness. No that isn't it either. It doesn't matter, history is for losers anyway. The important thing is that testosterone is well known as a great cure for resentment, especially when combined with poor education and a lack of opportunity. Our grand social experiment was such a success with minorities, it is now time to implement it at all levels of society.

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