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Comment: Re:My mother died of the same... here's what she d (Score 1) 696

Parent posted much of what I was going to say, so +1 from me

Tell her all about yourself. I am blessed to still have my father and mother around, but I still don't know enough about their lives. Make a mini-autobiography for her. Be detailed or stick to the highlights, whatever your style is. As you get this all out, you will also reveal who you are, and she will read and re-read it in years to come.

I encourage you to be open and honest about your mistakes. A lot of people want to cover them up and forget, take them to their grave. I was in my mid 40s before I really understood the problems my parents had faced... and how these were the same problems I was facing, and how much my actions were learned/inherited unconsciously from my dad. Learning this has been incredibly valuable to me, perhaps my most important life lesson ever. So share not just the good parts about you... share your pain, your failures, your hard won lessons. Love her enough not to hide from her.

For sensitive things, put them in letters and entrust them to your wife, to reveal at an appropriate time.

But spend time with her, all the time you can. Not on outings and vacations, but quality time. Talk. Interact. Hug her often. Laugh together. Get sleeping bags and have a slumber party with her, stay up talking and tickling and whispering - that is so much fun for kids, and so memorable. If you get the opportunity, sleep outdoors and count shooting stars. Spending quality time with your daughter is also one of the finest gifts you can give your wife.

Here's a thought: if you are going to make a video, do at least some of it with her, interactively. Put the whole family in the video. She will certainly have questions, and that gives you a chance to answer them, and gives your wife an opportunity to add perspective.

If you can, take some real pictures on old fashioned paper. They last forever, and can be taken anywhere. Digital formats do become obsolete, and media can be damaged.

Give thought to eternity and your soul, and consider that it may not only benefit you but be a comfort to your family.

+ - Super Advanced Malware discovered by Kaspersky->

Submitted by maharvey
maharvey (785540) writes "Kaspersky reports an extremely advanced malware that cannot be removed from hard drives by disk formatting or OS reinstallation. It reprograms drive firmware using secret manufacturer APIs to hide in inaccessible sectors. Even reflashing the drive may not even remove it. The malware is known to be able to reprogram drives from five manufacturers, and Kaspersky theorizes that only the US government has the resources to accomplish this.

The malware contains a tool suite that resemble that used by US intelligence, including techniques described in the NSA leak of 2013. The malware is deployed by a secret group known as Equation Group, and is very selectively targeted at high value installations in the Middle East and Asia.

The article also describes Fanny, a worm deployed by Equation in 2008 that is so similar to Stuxnet that it must be common origins. Equation seems to have been active until 2013, when it changed tactics and disappeared again. 2013 was when Edward Snowden leaked classified information about the NSA."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Backpedalled? (Score 0, Flamebait) 740

by maharvey (#48964713) Attached to: New Jersey Gov. Christie: Parents Should Have Choice In Vaccinations

Some kids also have legitimate health reasons why they cannot withstand the impact of an automobile. People who could choose not to drive but don't put those kids at higher risk.

You cannot eliminate all risk in life. Where are we gonna draw the line?

Some kids have legitimate health reasons why they can't survive cancer. People who could donate money but choose not to put those kids at higher risk.

Again where do you draw the line?

Some kids have legitimate health reasons why they cannot survive without food. People who could feed them but choose not to put those kids at higher risk

If you have 2000 calories a day and clothing, you have all you need. If you don't donate everything in excess of your need, you are withholding from those who have less than you do. Shall the government force you to give. Hell, it's easier to just take everything you have and give you food stamps and a room in the local public housing development, then the government can give your entire disposable income where it can best be used.

Where are you going to draw the line?

What if you work hard in good conscience, and another loafs around all day. You are taxed 100% to feed the hungry and cure cancer, but the loafer pays nothing. Now how do you feel about that? Where do you draw the line?

A lot of kids injure themselves tripping over their own shoelaces. Anyone who could put them in a helmet and kneepads and a leash and does not do so puts them at higher risk. Why aren't we legislating this? Why don't we outlaw sugar and alcohol and sushi? Why do we allow people to have laptops when the batteries might melt in their laps? Why why why? Oh won't somebody think of the children!!!

And why stop with children? Adults need vaccines too. Adults trip too. Adults teeth rot too. Lets protect everyone!

Vaccinations are a great thing, but this argument sticks in my craw.

Comment: Re:What are the practical results of this? (Score 1) 430

by maharvey (#48935239) Attached to: FCC Officially Approves Change In the Definition of Broadband

Does this really work? Dude that's SO AWESOME! I can't want to get started... is there some secret, or can anyone do it? I have a long list of things to not recognize from now on: income taxes, the law of gravity (woo I can FLY!), taco bell sharts, speed limits, the list is endless!

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