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Comment Only rising in a technical sense... (Score 1) 302

Interestingly, the east coast land is sinking around 20 times faster than the sea level is rising. Maybe the sinking land is displacing seawater that is causing the sea to rise? Just a thought. In any case sea level itself is kind of an academic concept when the entire surface of the planet is in continuous motion, the planet itself is not quite spherical, and gravity itself is unevenly distributed. (Interesting articles: http://articles.chicagotribune..., and

In my opinion, Miami's perceived problems are likely due to overdevelopment, land subsidence, groundwater depletion, and perhaps climate hysteria -- not unlike Venice. The one thing I am pretty sure of is that the 1/4 inch of sea level rise is not a significant factor. The gizmodo article is misleading, and sadly the comments indicate that people are eating it up.

Comment Re: Tourist Attractions (Score 1) 421

I feel that way about nuclear. But windmills have been around hundreds of years, and have been generating power for decades. They are a blight on the landscape. The Columbia River Gorge used to be beautiful, now it all looks like this: https://carrgroup.files.wordpr...
You can hardly find an unspoiled view anymore. At night the landscape for a hundred miles looks like a giant blinking Christmas Tree, the lame kind where all the lights flash on and off in unison.

Comment Re:Makes a change (Score 1) 316

Actually no, owning up to his own words IS a nice change. What he says is maybe not nice, but his candor is awesome. We need more of that, more politicians with the balls to stand up and not be ashamed of their own words and ideas.

Seriously: if you hate Trump, you have got to be thrilled that he is playing it straight, so you know not to vote for him. So sick of elected officials saying one thing and actually believing/doing something else.

Comment Re:How Will You Be Programming In a Decade? (Score 1) 279

You better hope we still have mice and keyboards, 'cause if we don't we'll probably be forced into using some kind of horrendous touch interface. (shudder) Or even worse: voice! Can you imagine the typical steno-pool sea of developer cubicles with everyone jabbering code at their computer? I doubt neural I/O will ever be practical in my lifetime, or at least not as efficient as keyboard/mouse.

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