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Comment Re:No this doesn't stop them (Score 1) 335

``If it's not on Redbox for $1 or Hulu for free I'm not going to watch it. Now if only I could get the rest of the world to do that too maybe the MPAA would really be worried.''

Good luck with that. I live in the Rest of the World, and there is neither Redbox nor Hulu access here.

Meanwhile, I like to actually watch movies in the cinema. It's just more impressive, and it's nice to go out with someone that way.

Comment Re:HTML5 Video (Score 1) 428

Windows gained its momentum prior to '93. There was that period of 1990-3 where lots of people were getting home computers who simply never had them in the 8 and 16 bit era. The C=, Ti, and Tandy machines were clearly on they way out of the home and SMB markets. As far as a stand alone microcomputer went your selection was SGI workstation, Apple, IBM, or an IBM PC Clone. Microsoft was able to give you a GUI on top and easy to get a handle on D-O-S. It was not the best but it was the cheapest that met the "good enough hurdle." That is what started the ball rolling.

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