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Comment Re:dream on (Score 2) 155

middle of Wisconsin?

That might be half your problem. Still, I see where you're coming from. On the other side of that, many technical schools are just degree mills. Lots of candidates come out of technical schools that look good on paper and then when you hire them, it's like they never attended a day of class or learned anything. I think companies have gotten burned there, which really sucks for the students that come out that are good, and it sucks for the technical schools that are good because now 'technical school' has a stigma.

Comment Re:Less choice? (Score 2) 286

well....ISPs used to be common carriers and had to provide net neutrality by default. The RIAA/MPAA didn't like that and were relegated to having to sue individuals for copyright infringement. So they lobbied to have ISPs not be common carriers. Once they got that, thanks to Comcast buying NBC and switching sides (so they can sue their competitors for copyright infringement), ISPs spent their money on high-powered hardware not for pushing traffic, but for doing deep-packet inspection so that they could comply with RIAA/MPAA requests (and whatever the government wanted from them as well) while the rest of the world was putting in bigger pipes.

Submission + - Windows XP Black Market ( 1

NicknamesAreStupid writes: As Whoever57 pointed out, there are some who will still get support for Microsoft Windows XP — the 'haves'. However, most will be the 'have nots'. Anytime you have such market imbalance, there is opportunity. Since Microsoft clearly intends to create a disparity, there will certainly be those who defy it. What will Microsoft do to prevent bootleg patches of XP from being sold to the unwashed masses? How will they stop China from supporting 100 million bootleg XP users? And how easily will it be to crack Microsoft's controls?

How big will the Windows XP patch market be?

Comment Re:what the fuck? (Score 1) 454

Should I be watching the BBC or PBS?

We're left with trying to news from multiple sources and trying to piece together the truth. Yes, Russia Today is a propaganda outfit. Do they do propagandize any more than Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN? The BBC? PBS?

I guess the question then is did Turkish police really find 2kg of sarin gas and arrest the Syrian rebels who were transporting it?
We may never really know the truth on that. English-language sources:

Spanish media did pick it up, so if you can read Spanish -
Apparently Fox News also reports on this stuff, but only in Spanish:

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