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Comment Re:The real reason (Score 1) 424

I swear you can edit all three prequels into a reasonably watchable 150-180 minute film

Have you not seen the scenes that didn't make it? You could replace several nearly endless chase scenes with character development sequences and have a set of movies the same length but with characters who are interesting and well rounded.

Comment Re:Then what are they going to do with the extra t (Score 2) 242

"So, what is a 'miniature infomercial'?"

Watch a really, really old show, like Burns and Allen. There's a segment in every episode where one character will awkwardly barges into a scene and start talking about the sponsor's product. The other actors react in character (as well as they can; it's rather forced) for a minute or so, then the interrupter will wander off and the main plot resumes. That's a mini-infomercial.

Modern shows do it more subtly with the characters shown driving the sponsor's vehicles with the camera centered on the brand badge or consuming a sponsor's beverage with the label carefully turned towards the camera. But soon they'll start actually mentioning the products in modern shows: "Wow what a great new car this is!" (followed by exchange on the virtues of said car) or "I just love drinking *soda/beer brand x*!" (followed by discussion of how the other character loves it too).

Comment outbound loop... (Score 1) 16

This is all very cool but I think if they can keep the thing transmitting it will be much cooler to see what it observes on the far end of the comet's orbit.
I wonder if a comet hitchhiking probe could be made to passively observe the Oort cloud and wake back up fully to report the next time its comet came back to the inner system.

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