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Comment Re:Real time? (Score 1) 26

Do you really not know or are you being incorrectly sarcastic? De-icing is a horribly slow turn-based process now. Your plane gets in a slow line and moves up to the de-icing truck near where the taxiway meets the runway. Eventually, your plane gets the de-icing treatment and then because of the delay waiting for de-icing, the takeoff group is delaying because the next incoming bank has started arriving. By the time you take off, there's just as much snow built back up on the plane as when you left the gate.
This whole thing ought to be done more intelligently in regards to snow types. One time leaving Denver in a snowstorm, super-fine and dry Colorado powder was falling that blows away if the plane moves much at all but we sat through a long delay waiting for de-icing anyway. The captain was probably had some rule to follow that says sit through de-icing if snow is falling no matter what.

Comment Re: How very Republucan... (Score 1) 249

Next time you post this, point out that the reason these minimum regulatory checks are needed because free markets require everyone to have access to the same information as much as possible. Hiding information for gain is certainly human nature but it is anti-market behavior.
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