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Comment: Re:One (Score 1) 142

Just 1 would probably do it

Do you never use a mouse/trackball/whatever? I've always found touchpads annoyingly imprecise and even with ibm/lenovo thinkpads the new trackpoints are coming with the buttons built into this awful spring loaded touchpad contraption. at least one usb is definitely required!

Comment: Re:1 port for a hub (Score 1) 142

You are correct from a technical point of view that just one is enough thanks to hubs; but the question is really if one were to plunk down cash, how many are desired? In that case, dangling a hub is easy when primary used at a desk but I'd really rather have at least 2 or best 3 built into the thing so I can get by dragging a hub along.

Comment: Re:It's the school's fault (Score 2) 325

by magarity (#49487505) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan

They didn't want to look like Starfleet Academy. They wanted to look like a rich suburb:

the technology effort was a civil rights imperative designed to provide low-income students with devices available to their wealthier peers

Civil rights have come a long way if having iPads is now one. Do people even know what civil rights are anymore?

Comment: Landing vs splashdown (Score 1) 342

One would think lifting off with all that fuel needed for the landing is inefficient compared to a splashdown parachute recovery like the shuttle's boosters. And the damage caused by landing on water with parachutes has got to be less than the explosions from the landings on the barges.

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