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by magarity (#47928739) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

4. Cap federal student loan interest rates at inflation based on the CPI. What we borrow is what we pay back.

Below market rates is already the biggest problem with student loans; don't make it worse. Easy-to-get student loans make the schools see easy-to-get money which causes a positive feedback loop: tuitions rise because so much loan money is handed out because tuitions rise becase so much money is handed out because tuitions rise.
There was a great article in last month's Economist about the direct correlation of student loan availability and tuition increases since the student loan program was instituted. The rates of increase have been WAY over any other price increases in the economy.

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by magarity (#47921969) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

But tax inversion needs to stop before it creates too much problems. (Also, let's close tax loopholes for individuals.)

Furthermore, the "tax inversion" only happens because the USA is one of three countries in the world that tries to collect tax worldwide. Let's say a UK headquartered company, for example, has an office in the USA and makes some sales. The UK's IRS does not try to tax that revenue made in the USA, only the revenue in the UK. The USA's IRS, on the other hand, insists on collecting tax on revenue made by a USA headquartered company whose office in the UK made some sales. You see how this puts the USA based firm at a large disadvantage? They have to pay USA level tax everywhere in the world, where the local competing companies are paying only the local level tax.

What needs to happen is to stop tax inversion by stopping this horrible practice by the IRS. USA taxes should only apply in the USA. And USA corporate tax rates, among the highest in the world, need to come way down.

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Payroll taxes do not hide anything. I think most people realize they pay FICA taxes. It usually is listed on the check

You've proven my point; there is a whole set of payroll taxes your employer pays that is NOT listed on your check stub. There's *your* FICA deduction plus a matching FICA amount paid by your employer, which you do not see on your stub. Then there's *your* SS deduction, and again a matching amount paid by your employer which is not listed. Your employer also pays an unemployment tax which is not listed on your stub.
The point is, all of these payments are, from your employer's point of view, how much it costs to get you to work. You're effectively paying all this extra tax because the money comes from you going to work. But you don't even know about it.

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Whether you like or dislike net neutrality, you should NOT like government regulatory agencies setting public policy unilaterally without legislators involved. Name one person at the FCC you can vote out of office at the next election based on your feelings over how they rule on this issue.

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Celsius is arbitrary too. There is nothing inherently connecting temperature and water.

Kelvin is the only scale based on something fundamental.

Fahrenheit is based on the coldest you can get brine before it freezes and the approximate human body temperature. Both of these make great sense for telling the weather as 0 is dangerously cold and 100 is dangerously hot.

One might argue that a lot of people don't live in the temperate zone where 0 and 100 occur regularly but C's water boiling and freezing points are only good for people at sea level and no one's weather on Earth ever involves boiling water.

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1. Vote Libertarian on November 4th
2. Vote Green on November 4th

When will the Libertarians and Greens learn the lesson from the Teas? If you want to get elected, work from WITHIN the establishment. There are multiple Tea candidates in office via running under the Republican umbrella. The Libertarians could do the same except all they seem to want to do is siphon votes away from a potentially winning Republican. The Greens need to work from within the Democrats the same way instead of siphoning off. Then we COULD get real change but it's doubtful either the Libs or Greens can get off their ideological high horses.

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