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Comment: IBM tries to do this too (Score 5, Interesting) 224

by magarity (#48216773) Attached to: Tech Firm Fined For Paying Imported Workers $1.21 Per Hour

When I lived in China between '07-'09 I interviewed at the local IBM office to do data warehouse ETL. They wanted to pay me a local wage around $1000/month but send me to the US on an 'L' visa whereby they wouldn't be subject to US wage laws which the manager said "we do it all the time". When I pointed out they couldn't send me to the US on any kind of visa since I'm a citizen, they dropped all contact.

Comment: Re:6,000 Year Old Temple Unearthed In Ukraine (Score 3, Informative) 107

by magarity (#48206311) Attached to: 6,000 Year Old Temple Unearthed In Ukraine

You seem completely confused about military behavior by national demographics. You're thinking of either Muslims or Southeast Asian communists. Russians, on the other hand, have a distinct reverence for history. For example, when the Bolsheveks took St Petersburg they rather famously protected the Winter Palace and the Hermitage from any kind of vandalism.

Comment: Re:Update to Godwin's law? (Score 5, Insightful) 575

by magarity (#48041291) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics


Right here is the cop out word that allows a government official to suggest backdoors in all consumer electronics. Given enough time one can grind the populace into agreeing that pretty much any search has become reasonable in light of terrorists/children/terrorist children.

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