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Comment Re:Why not run OSX as a virtual machine? Why use m (Score 1) 815

i usually build my PCs from well chosen quality parts made by reputable companies - and i end up with a machine significantly less expensive when compared to a mac with the same specs in addition i can add components with exactly the features i want (if i can afford them)
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Submission How would Sheldon propose?-> 2

tad001 writes: Noted in an article up over at, a physicist proposed to his girlfriend in the form of a paper (she posted it here). Other takes on the story are available on Reddit, CNET and the BBC.

A question for Slashdot readers, how would you "firm up the contract" with your significant other?

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Comment teach these facts in elementary school (Score 1) 74

there should be a lecture about this in elementary school, together with an overview of risks of social networks and place to seek help when being 'cyberbullied' just give those kids a basic understanding of the risks of the things they use (or will use) in everyday life - without demonizing them

Submission Discovery of Chemical That Affects Biological Clock Offers New Way to Treat Diab->

rosy rohangi writes: "Biologists at UC San Diego have discovered a chemical that provides a completely newdirection and promise for the development of drugs to treat metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes – a key concern of public health in the U.S. due to the current obesity epidemic."
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Comment Re:Wtf? (Score 1) 228

Even with the most advanced self-learning and reasoning AI, there was a human that ordered it to learn and reason.

same with kids: there were humans (parents, teacher, peers, etc.) who taught them to reason

the problem with your statement is: when the first sentient computer is built - your argument does not hold, because there was surely a human (most likely several of them) behind it

Submission Android now on over half of US smartphones->

somebodee writes: ComScore released new data today, suggesting that Android has finally taken over half of the US smartphone market. This comes from a 3.7% market share increase from the previous quarter, ending in December, 2011. Similarly, iOS's market share grew by 1.1% to 30.7%. RIM and Microsoft's market share both dropped, with RIM having the sharpest decline. RIM's market share fell by 3.7%, placing it at 12.3% of the total US market. Microsoft's smartphone market share fell by .8% to 3.9% total, and Nokia's market share for Symbian remained steady at 1.4% of the total market.
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