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Comment Re:Fucking Hell, Harper needs to go! (Score 1) 122

We never really left the feodal system. It been relabled, and reshaped more than once, and over the centuries the aristocracy gave us a bone or two to keep the general population from going all revolutionary again. We just taded land baron for rail baron. From rail baron to heavy industry baron it was only the logical step that we moved on to financial and high technology baron. Sure education will open you some doors now. At least it use to but look how they are working on stacking the lowest steps in the corporate ladder with disposable employees. By closing the lowest step in the corporate ladder the ruling class reserve for their own children access to mid level jobs.

Comment Forget Security how about reliability! (Score 1) 481

While nobody want to see those missiles fly they have to be able to. Am not so sure that if the order came they won't realize that 95% of them are all just junk. It like when the old Soviet Union fell and everybody realized that all their scary hardware was junk.

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