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Comment: Re:You have to ask technical questions (Score 1) 948

by madcow_ucsb (#36066998) Attached to: Why the New Guy Can't Code

This. If you're hiring a coder, ASK CODING QUESTIONS. At my job, we need embedded C programmers. And whether you're coming in for an internship or have 10 years experience, you're going to be asked to write whiteboard code. Find the least set bit in a 32 bit word, linked list insert, basic stuff. Someone in college should be able to manage and someone with experience should have no problem at all.

What's disturbing is the number of people who have great resumes, years of experience, can talk in depth about their projects, etc., but can't do basic pointer manipulation or know what "volatile" means. It boggles the mind.

Comment: Re:Check out twinhan DVB-S cards for an alternativ (Score 1) 345

by madcow_ucsb (#29225625) Attached to: An End To Unencrypted Digital Cable TV and the HTPC

That's not going to work. The keys they use are derived from IDs stored in both the card and the tuner. And I think they may do some sort of pseudo-randomization on the tuner ID because I seem to recall that yanking it and putting it back in my TiVo made me go through the activation process again.

That said, my Comcast guys don't care what device I put my M-Card in. I just need to call them and read off the numbers from my TiVo. And then do the same thing for the next couple days while rebooting the box several dozen times before it actually will decrypt anything.

Comment: What? (Score 2, Interesting) 121

by madcow_ucsb (#28713787) Attached to: Integrating Wikipedia With a Local Intranet Wiki

Why? Can't you just link to wikipedia pages where appropriate? OK, my company has an internal server we link through to sanitize referrer info so our internal wiki titles don't get all over teh interwebs. But if the wiki users can't figure out "hey, this article is too specific - maybe wikipedia has more general information that would help me," you've got bigger problems than your wiki management.

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