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+ - WikiLeaks Founder's Unauthorized Autobiography->

Submitted by macwhizkid
macwhizkid (864124) writes "After signing a major book deal for his autobiography, Julian Assange backed out (allegedly worrying about self-incrimination) but failed to return his £500,000 advance payment. The publisher is understandably unhappy with this outcome, and intends to publish the "world's first unauthorized autobiography" from an early draft Assange submitted. The book will be in stores tomorrow, but I'm still hoping it'll be published early on WikiLeaks..."
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+ - Mobile Data in Canada for a US Citizen?

Submitted by macwhizkid
macwhizkid (864124) writes "I'm traveling to Canada for a week in July with youth group, and need a way to post blog updates on the trip and send back photos. I'll be staying on an island accessible only by boat, so a hard-wired connection is out of the question. I have a Verizon voice + data plan, and I've heard all the horror stories of multi-thousand dollar international data roaming charges. What I'd like to do is get 1-2 GB of data (5 GB would be great) to use on a Canadian provider's network for a reasonable fee (say, less than $100 total) as a wireless hotspot set-up. I have both a CDMA iPhone and a GSM iPad, so I really just need a micro-SIM or a way to register the IMIE. It appears that both Rogers and Bell offer "pay as you go" data plans (Rogers has a particularly attractive iPad option), but there are conflicting reports as to whether a US credit card can be used to buy service. I can't believe I'm the first US citizen to want mobile data in Canada. So, has anyone done this successfully? Is there another option I'm not considering?"

+ - A Second Disease Vanquished By Mankind->

Submitted by macwhizkid
macwhizkid (864124) writes "Throughout recorded history, mankind has only completely eradicated two diseases. The first was smallpox in 1979. Thirty years later, we have the second, rinderpest ("cattle plague"), officially declared gone by the UN as of last Thursday. While the rinderpest virus cannot infect humans, it nonetheless caused widespread famine in Africa when herds of cattle were wiped out, and even altered the course of history when the famine "eased the way for the Italian conquest, much as smallpox devastated the Inca and Aztec empires as Spanish armies advanced and the tribes of our East Coast as English colonists settled in.""
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