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Comment: Re:Unfortunately for Seagate? (Score 1) 256

by macslut (#40344973) Attached to: Hybrid Drives Struggling In Face of SSDs

*Raises both hands, jumps on desk, starts howling*

I have that same drive, and the 500GB before it. LOVE 'em. My MacBook Pro 15" has two drives, one is the 750GB Momentus hybrid, and the other is a slow 1TB HD. What I really want is two 1TB hybrids. This seems to be achievable much sooner than with SSD, and the speed is "good enough".

Beyond just going to 1TB, the other thing Seagate could do is go with massively increasing the SSD portion, and making it a full volume instead of cache, say, 128GB or more, and then allowing us to use that as a boot/app volume.

This seems physically possible today, but would add a couple hundred dollars or so...but would be totally worth it.

I see hybrids becoming even more valuable in the future as the SSD portion can grow to become even more useful before SSD-only becomes available at reasonable prices in the capacities we need.

(For the love of God, please don't reply to this comment with the word "cloud" anywhere in the post... we're talking TBs here)

Comment: Travel!! (Score 1) 480

by macslut (#39409477) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are Your Tips For Working From Home?

If you have a job where all you need is connectivity, then take advantage of being able to work anywhere/anytime. This won't work for all jobs, but a couple of years ago I found myself in this situation. My "office" is my MacBook and my iPhone. I did a couple of Eurail trips and it works great being able to work, even on the train. I've had a few other trips as well, and it's a really cool thing, as long as you can get the work done, and stay up late to do so if needed.

Comment: Re:Context? (Score 1) 301

by macslut (#39407909) Attached to: Apple to Buy Back $10bn of Its Shares and Pay Dividend

"iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iPad 2...nothing new...out of ideas"

I'm guessing whenever any new Apple product comes out, you comment, "it's not good enough and far behind the competition". The product takes off and then when the new version of the product comes out you say, "it's a disappointing update, nothing new". All the while you talk about "lack of real innovation". Meanwhile from the iPod to the iPad, we've seen overwhelming success after success, including not only new products, but updates to products as well.

Don't expect 5 years from now that the iPad is going to be significantly different from the original iPad...thin, display, touch, about 10", glass, etc... There's only so much you can, or more importantly *should*, do with that. However, do expect it to be selling well, and to be getting very high marks in customer satisfaction.

Comment: Re:Context? (Score 2) 301

by macslut (#39407701) Attached to: Apple to Buy Back $10bn of Its Shares and Pay Dividend

For the informed: maybe the shares are CHEAP compared to what they will be in the future. Really, given the growth rate of Apple, I don't see how the shares could come back down any time soon, unless there's some major end-of-world-like catastrophe.

"My best estimate is that Apple shares should be priced around $130-$150/share"

What the hell is your estimate based on? The P/E ratio is already about average for the market if going by TTM (trailing 12 months), which is flawed since Apple's business has been doubling every year. Still, be conservative and go by TTM and Apple is right where it should be.

Your estimate of $130 a share, even with a conservative TTM approach, gives it a P/E ratio of 3.5! It gives it a market cap of $117 Billion, which is just about what their cash on hand will be at the end of next quarter.

Forgetting the cash on hand, you're still estimating Apple's market value to be *less* than the projected revenue for the year...not smart for a company with a profit margin that's over 25%.

"If I had the cash to short Apple stock over the long term, I would do that."

I wonder why you don't have the cash. /s

Look, we get it, you're an anti-apple fanboy, but you're better off sticking to the one-button mice comments.

Comment: Re:In Harm's Way (Score 3, Funny) 166

by macslut (#39245511) Attached to: Did the Titanic Sink Due To an Optical Illusion?

Well there's that and only 2 other things that make up every submarine movie ever made.

Spoiler alert: here are all 3:
1) Sealing of bulkheads with "good" men on the other side. Order must be given with a followup command, "dammit, I know there are good men in there, I'm thinking about all the other good men aboard my ship!"

2) Going deeper than the sub was designed for. Order must be given with a followup command, "I know what the engineers designed her for, I'm telling you she can take it!" Also, the command, "come on baby" must be given at each increment on the depth meter until it maxes out.

3) All silent. The sub turns everything off, except the red light. The sounds of the ships circling overhead are broadcast through the sub. This always works despite the resident onboard cat always knocking over the stack of pots and pans in the galley.

Take the above and add the following accent for the movie:
Russian accent: Hunt for Red October
German accent: Das Boot
American accent: Crimson Tide

Comment: Re:Oh No (Score 2) 193

by macslut (#39181157) Attached to: Siri To Power Mercedes-Benz Car Systems
I have a convertible and Siri works great for me, even on the freeway with the top down. It works because my iPhone is integrated into the system. No cables, just Bluetooth. When I give it a command, it mutes whatever else I happen to be listening to (whether it's music from the iPhone itself, the radio, SD card, or thumb drive). If you're using your iPhone independent of your car system, 1) you're doing it wrong, and 2) Siri won't work with the music cranked up.

Comment: Re:Random troll (Score 1) 356

by macslut (#38531966) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Android Tablet For Travel?
"To travel. To experience new things, new people, new places. Not to fuck around with a gadget" I totally disagree. A couple of years ago, I started a business that allows me to work anywhere as long as I can connect. I've taken several trips, and travel with an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and a couple of 1TB Passport drives. The tech gives me the freedom to travel, and carrying it with me avoids the need to "return home because there's a problem..." or spend hours on the phone talking someone through something. One trip, I spent 24 days going throughout Europe with nothing but a backpack...which was mostly filled with my tech. The additional thing about it, in terms of experiencing where you are, is that the tech provides incredible resources, from GPS navigation, wikipedia'ing all kinds of information about the things around you, and changing reservations on the fly. And yes, sometimes when you travel, there is downtime, and the tech can not only entertain you, but others as well. On a bus in the middle of night going from Marrakesh to Agadir, I showed *Glee* on the iPad... that was pretty surreal and unforgettable. I don't have much advice to offer in terms of Android tablets... I can say that I used a Chromebook and absolutely hated it, so go with a tablet or a real notebook.

Comment: Not just apps (Score 1) 523

by macslut (#38519812) Attached to: Why We Agonize Over Buying $1 Apps
I know a lot of people with a lot of money, and it cracks me up when I find them agonizing over price differences for things that are relatively insignificant to them. Why would you consume *any* time whatsoever over a trivial amount of money? For me, $1 for an app is definitely below the threshold of consideration. However, having yet another app littering my library, is a problem. I currently have 544 apps for my iPhone and iPad consuming 25GB. That's friggin' ridiculous... what's wrong with me? And this is after I purged my library a few months ago of unwanted apps. Anyway, now I look closer at the ratings and descriptions to see if it's really going to be worth adding the app to my library, as opposed to just the cost. I'm much more likely to go with the better app, than the cheaper.

Comment: Re:Wow, when you can't trust CNET (Score 1) 397

by macslut (#37174550) Attached to: Now Wraps Downloads In Bloatware
QuickTime doesn't require you to allow it to take control of any extensions. I'm not a big fan of bundled apps, but at some point people are just being cry babies about this. It's worth noting that iTunes uses QuickTime for more than just video. Audio is being driving through QuickTime as well. As sglewis said, WebKit is in iTunes as well, and nobody complains about that. Perhaps that's what Apple should have done to silence the whiners, just *hide* QuickTime inside iTunes with no option to remove it or run independently.

Comment: Re:Start your betting (Score 2) 413

by macslut (#34894054) Attached to: Google To Push WebM With IE9, Safari Plugins
"Not that Apple wouldn't be inclined to try it, of course, along with some blathering public statement along the lines of "in order to protect the user experience, we have decided to disallow the use of Google's proprietary video formats on our operating system..."

They already did. Notice the hundreds of millions of iOS devices that Apple won't let you install any plug in for Mobile Safari.

Apple is gonna fight against WebM every step of the way. So will many others. All Google is doing is prolonging the use of Flash.

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