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Please educate.

They were under ATC. ATC can track objects in the air, even if they're not using a transponder. Using primary radar, ATC will be able to provide traffic advisories. Police helicopters usually fly under "flight following", meaning they would like to be informed of other traffic.

Oh, noes! You KNOW that isn't true!

Don'tcha remember?!? On 9/11/01., all the "Hijacked" Airliners simply DISAPPEARED from RADAR because they switched their Transponders off... (Rolls eyes) [/sarcasm]

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by macs4all (#47252833) Attached to: How Tim Cook Is Filling Steve Jobs's Shoes

No, those kids grew up to be responsible adults with good paying jobs while you grew up to sit around in a Starbucks all day, mooching off of their free wifi and refills trying to show everyone how much of an arteest you think you are.

You are like one of those guys with bad priorities who spends hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes because you think it will make you a sports star.


I've only been in a Starbucks once in my life, and that was because someone I was with wanted to stop there.

And as for shoes, the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought was about $135. And I have never paid ov $20 for a pair of "sports" shoes. Doesn't make sense for me. I run the heels over too fast to make that make economic sense.

I have, however, been employed pretty steadily for the past forty years as an embedded engineer and applications developer.

So, what was that, again?

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No longer is Little Johnny just the nancy nerd artist that the varsity football players make fun of. Now he thinks he's Big Johnny, a Ruby on Rails ninja and web designer guru, all thanks to his MacBook Pro.

And all the snot-nosed, socially retarded, little script kiddies huddled in their Mom's basements pawing their greasy fingers over their creaky little POS plastic shitbox computers somehow don't think they are the "World's Greatest Hax0rs(tm)"?


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I think the app store is inherently evil in how they regulate apps (think VLC, anything with F/OSS code in it)

Ahem. Get your facts straight.

One of the Developers of VLC decided to have a hissy fit and VOLUNTARILY REMOVED VLC from the App Store. Apple didn't "ban" VLC. VLC "banned" ITSELF.

And F/OSS? Point to me where it says that App Store apps (whether iOS or OS X) cannot have F/OSS code in them? Hell, on the Apple website, the damned *OS*(es) have pages crowing about the number of F/OSS Projects that OS X (and iOS) incorporate (and to which Apple contributes and/or has initiated themselves).

WTF is your problem, hater?

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Apple has always been hostile to unified look on their platform.

You do realize, of course, that you are talking about the company that literally wrote the book on good, consistent UI design, right?

The above, linked pdf copy dates from 1995 (the earliest actual copy I could find in a 2 minute search), but Apple first published their most-excellent HIG manual on or around 1985, before most slashdotters were even born.

Now, get off my lawn!

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Please provide a link to any mainstream working application for Mac OS X that uses Qt. I don't know of a single one because Qt's support for XCode is incredibly poor.

Ok, I know for a fact (by having several email volleys with the Developer) that Eagle PCB/Schematic Capture, etc. CAD/CAE suite uses Qt on OS X.

And I'm sure there are some others on this list. In fact, about 1/2 of the Qt-based engineering apps listed at the bottom of the page list OS X as a Target OS:

And if you want Proprietary software with OS X versions that use Qt, here's a list. I'm sure you'll recognize most of these apps:

Now, having said all that, Qt is horrible. But not unpopular...

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But if I install an app that asks for it on an Android 4.0 device, the app will install without any warnings. If the device is then upgraded to 4.2, the app will silently get the "Across_users" permission activated. So now we have a user-installed app which has a permission that it could never legitimately have that lets it bypass security and the sandbox, and the user will be unaware of the problem.

Mod Parent UP.

That is EXACTLY it in a nutshell. Perfectly described.

Pretty devious way for someone like the NSA (or a Prince from Nairobi) to get their hooks into your Android.


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Interesting how you play down Android vulnerabilities whilst playing up iOS ones.

And, unlike the case with the vast majority of Android Devices, since Apple actually pushes update notices to iOS Devices, there is actually a pretty good chance that yours will be on the list."

And before the haters cry that the latest ssl patch wasn't pushed out to iOS 5 users (or before), remember that the ssl vulnerability came with iOS 6; iOS 5 and before did not have the vulnerability.

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But you conveniently fail to mention three very important facts: 1. Apple has brought back nearly all of the capabilities of FCP 7. There isn't a mass-exodus anymore (actually, ther never was. Most FCP 6 or 7 users simply continued to use those versions until FCPX matured), and many Pros have actually switched back. 2. Apple launched a campaign this March, specifically targeted at video professionals, effectively saying "Come on in. FCPX is ready" 3. The recent "paradigm-shift" update to Logic Pro, making it look more like FCPX, has been nearly universally Praised; PARTICULARLY for the fact that all, or nearly all, of the "old features" have been retained, along with the added benefit of the re-factored GUI. So, Apple DOES care about Pros and their Pro Apps, and Apple DOES learn from its mistakes. Now, here comes the ad Hominem attack based on my Username...

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