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Comment: Outsourcing is Darwinian (Score 1) 233

This is the inevitable consequence of outsourcing. We've altered the local economies of those countries and the sucking sound is reduced, and so now the "outsourcing" will flow where the vacuum is now strongest... which perhaps just happens to be right here in our own back yards again.

What goes around comes around. Or something like that.

Comment: Re:Didn't answer anyone's questions directly, did (Score 1) 42

And once again the minority voice - you and I and perhaps two other people - will get buried under a mountain of dogma and apathy. Nothing will change with Slashdot for the better (common good), which is the result Lessig should expect from all his efforts attacking symptoms rather than the "root" causes. "RootStrikers" is a misnomer and Lessig a fragment of the problem rather than a solution incarnate.

Comment: Re:Didn't answer anyone's questions directly, did (Score 2) 42

Ditto. Textual information trapped in a linear non-searchable video has always pissed me off. It serves the interests of the talking head and his masters more than it does my interest of having maximal access to information. Talking-head videos are a means of controlling and limiting access to information. But I digress and was trying to stay focused in my rant....

Comment: Didn't answer anyone's questions directly, did he? (Score 4, Insightful) 42

Was this more of the new-and-improved Slashdot we can expect in the future? Historically these answers-your-questions posts were just that, direct responses from the interviewee to users who asked questions. What did we get here? A video chat with very generalized non-specific answers and primarily just an opportunity for Lessig to promote his cause and himself. It was one big spammy two-part advertisement, essentially.

Could you be any more disingenuous, Slashdot and Dice? Forget the silly mutinous talk over the Beta redesign; this is behavior deserving of a pitchfork-wielding geek mob.

Comment: Wow, what a misdirection. Thanks, Slashdot. (Score 1) 148

The title of this post was, "Lawrence Lessig Answers Your Questions...", but what we got in response was a trendy video interview with generalized responses, not the promised (or at least implied by past history) direct responses.

Is this all we can expect from this sort of post in the future? One more nail in Slashdot's coffin.

Comment: Re:And yet... (Score 1) 270

I did read to the end of the article. I did read what you quoted. It is not a restatement of my proposal, not even an ambiguous one. "Back in the 1990s" every mile of copper was privately owned by either the telecom that built it or a bigger Borg that assimilated it.

He's still talking about legislation and rule-making as a poor attempt to resolve the problem. It hasn't worked before, ever, and it won't work now.

Comment: And yet... (Score 2) 270

... McMillen gets it wrong, too.

Net neutrality isn't achieved through regulation at all. It's achieved by public ownership of the physical infrastructure and demoting the ISPs and even backbone providers to contractor status serving the common good. What would happen if American roads and highways weren't for the most part publicly owned and instead were all toll roads privately owned by the construction companies that laid them? Who would benefit from that situation, do you suppose?

Comment: Chasing symptoms and not the real problem? (Score 3, Insightful) 308

by macraig (#47298763) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Lawrence Lessig About His Mayday PAC

Mr. Lessig:

Have you read Crispin Sartwell's article in the latest June issue of The Atlantic? Mr. Sartwell seems to make arguments that imply that efforts such as that of RootStrikers and the Mayday PAC are merely nibbling at the edges of the true problem and not addressing it directly. If the hierarchies of wealth concentration and governance are inextricably linked through a Principle of Hierarchical Coincidence, then will you unlink them merely by legislating campaign finance reforms? For that matter, would even a round of revolutionary head-chopping do the job when so many other heads have been groomed and eagerly await the same chance at dominance?

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