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Comment: Afraid not (Score 4, Insightful) 90

These days, all it takes to shake up the whole publishing industry is to be successful. The whole industry is in sharp decline and everyone knows it, especially those within.

I'd like to think they have a chance. Their goals are certainly noble. But I wouldn't be too optimistic.

Comment: Re:Keyword$ on AdWords (Score 1) 224

by mackil (#44942141) Attached to: Google To Encrypt All Keyword Searches

The cynical amongst web analytics professionals accuse Google of hiding organic keyword searches from website operators in order to force them into paying for AdWords with its paid keywords.

I was wondering this myself, as someone who is very annoyed with the "(not provided)" entry in my Keywords list in Analytics. I know, hardly a big deal in the grand scheme. Call me selfish.

Comment: Re:ChromeCast (Score 1) 244

Not to mention that if you have any video purchased from the Google Play store, you can now view it on your tv without a Google TV box.

We have a Roku, and we purchase a lot of videos off Amazon and view it on our tv. We also have a Nexus 7, but can't view our Amazon stuff on our tablet. We have a few movies on Google Play, which we can view on our tablet, BUT NOT our tv. It's been quite annoying. Looks like this will solve some of these problems. Now we just need Amazon Instant Video for Android.

Comment: Re:DLC is more lucrative (Score 1) 74

by mackil (#43741937) Attached to: Used Game To Survive? EA Plans To Drop Online Pass
I think you're onto something there, with the DLC's being more lucrative.

I was one of the "suckers" who bought Mass Effect 1 & 2 when Steam had them on sale. And just like EA predicted, once I reached the end of 2, I wanted to know how it all ended. So not only did they get me as a very reluctant Origin user, but they also have me seriously considering purchasing the Mass Effect 3 DLC's (which are still full price). Much more profitable and it doesn't upset your customer base (well, as much).

Dammit EA.... well played.

Comment: Piece of Cake (Score 3, Informative) 547

by mackil (#40791105) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Clean Up My Work Computer Before I Leave?
Remove your files and profiles manually, then delete your windows user account. Create a new one, and use one of the many delete utilities (Like Hard Disk Scrupper) to wipe out the present free space so they cannot be recovered.

If you work for the NSA, that might not be good enough, but it should be for the majority of people.

Comment: Re:Lots of good stuff about Google, but . . (Score 2) 82

by mackil (#38998121) Attached to: After Rewrites, Google Wallet Still Has Holes

Their wallet, checkout, or whatever really does suck.

As a merchant, I've found Google Checkout to be quite useful. It's API has more features than Paypal's, and it's Order Processing interface is far superior to any other I've used. It allows me to send multiple tracking numbers to a customer, which Paypal STILL does not allow. Searching and archiving is far easier in Checkout. And don't forget about speed. Paypal's site is abysmally slow, while Checkout is lighting quick in just about every function. Generating reports is immediate, while Paypal makes you wait anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

That being said, their Help and Support is virtually non-existent. No phone support whatsoever. Email support is usually canned answers only. You'll find many forum posts of Google Checkout users begging for help and rarely finding it.

Checkout definitely needs help, but it has Paypal beat as far as merchants are concerned. Now if only it had Paypal's market share...

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