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Comment Re:Never consumer ready (Score 1) 229

FYI 15000RPM SAS drives will provide significantly more IOPs per disk than 7200RPM SATA drives

It's almost exactly double. As a rule of thumb, if you have a 10-drive 15k array, you can get the same performance out of a 20-drive 7.2k array. The problem comes in when people buy for capacity, not performance.

Comment Re:Never consumer ready (Score 1) 229

There is NO difference in reliability between "consumer" and "enterprise" drives.

That's not quite true... vendors continue fixing bugs in "enterprise" drive firmware when they almost never fix bugs in retail drives.

With that said, we've had terrible luck with a particular brand of 2TB SATA enterprise drives (think of the opposite of Eastern Analog) where we have to keep a shelf of hot spares so RAID 6 can rebuild in time for the next failure. I think we've had a >50% failure rate, but I'm not in that department any more so I'm not sure.

Comment Re:Could be a great update! (Score 1) 115

I prefer Nexenta's feel. But a 4tb limit on the free option doesn't work for me and I had lots of issues with it's stupid cut down command line when you ssh in.

Nexenta is no-charge (non-commercial) for up to 18 TB of data (actual data on disk, not raw storage). You also get a normal bash shell by logging in as admin (instead of root) and using sudo.

My biggest complaint is getting used to ZFS ACLs when sharing to Windows systems, which I guess I'd have on any ZFS system.

Comment Onenote or similar (Score 1) 97

At work IT uses Onenote notebooks for documentation. I never tried it for video, but we've had good luck for it with text/images. No programming knowledge needed, adequate search, OCR/search of text in images. You can sync the content using a file share or Sharepoint, and probably WebDAV. I understand it's cost-free for Windows and Mac. You get a web interface if you use Sharepoint, but I don't care for it. If you're a primarily Windows/Office shop it might be worth testing.

Comment Maintenance (Score 3, Insightful) 194

If you don't want to maintain a system, then don't deploy it. Either pay someone to maintain it for you, or plan to maintain it yourself. You seem to want to be a hero and give unknowing non-technical users a complex system and then abandon it because it takes too much time.

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