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Comment: Re:Upate to the most current (Score 1) 241

by machine321 (#45562751) Attached to: New Windows XP Zero-Day Under Attack

That is not correct. Win8 will install just fine, but all the Modern UI apps will refuse to start. Which no one runs anyway.

I stand corrected. I don't recall why I thought that, maybe I listened to the Upgrade Assistant. Is anything missing from the OS with Modern UI disabled? Perhaps low-resolution screens are a feature...

Comment: Opposite problem (Score 1) 465

by machine321 (#45552705) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are Tech Job Requirements So Specific?

I recently hired a security analyst at my company. I had the opposite problem; almost everyone I interviewed worked at larger companies, and only had narrow experience with specific software products. I was looking for (and eventually found) someone who was more of a generalist "hacker" type. I don't really care if you've used X antivirus and Y SIEM for ten years because that's what your boss purchased, I care how you solve problems.

Comment: Re:Ask any McDonald about domain (Score 1) 381

by machine321 (#43832361) Attached to: Microsoft Files Dispute Against Current Owner of

The impression I got from the story was that he tried to make a quick buck (when asked for a price, he said "I don't know, $15 million?") and when he realized that made him look bad he turned it around into a victim story.

Don't get me wrong, that doesn't excuse Nissan Motors' behavior. I was considering buying a Nissan Murano in 2005, and chose another brand specifically because of the debacle. My wife emailed a copy of the vehicle we purchased instead to their customer service department with an explanation.

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