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+ - How do you include open source options in a software RFP?

Submitted by macguys
macguys (472025) writes "I work for a government agency that is about to put out an RFP for software to support the business of the agency. There are several commercial products which would probably meet the needs of the agency. There are also several open source options. I'd like to consider open source, but don't have a clue on how I can include them. While the commercial vendors have staff to respond to an RFP, for open source software, there is no one to package a response. Ideas?"

Comment: Re:passwords.. (Score 1) 242

by macguys (#32740064) Attached to: Hack AT&T Voicemail With Android

He's got a point. Why can't voice mail run over some data connection authenticated by the phone's unique ID or something similar? They certainly do billing that way. It is 2010, and voice mail still works by having the phone call out to a magic number- how antiquated!

Doesn't that defeat the whole "GSM; move your SIM from one phone to another" thing?

+ - Please Remove Your Shoes->

Submitted by gambino21
gambino21 (809810) writes "A new documentary called "Please Remove Your Shoes" discusses the policies of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). From the film website:

Please Remove Your Shoes is a revealing documentary about broken government process. It is also an empathetic story about a half dozen public servants who try to fix it. And it is a familiar topic to all of us who have flown in the last fifteen years:the security routine at the airport, first the FAA and now the TSA.

Reviews of the film are available at the Washington Post and"
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+ - UK Police Threaten Teenage Photojournalist->

Submitted by IonOtter
IonOtter (629215) writes "In what seems to be a common occurrence, and now a costly one, Metropolitan Police in the UK still don't seem to be getting the message that assaulting photographers is a bad idea. UK press photographer Jules Matteson details the event in his blog, titled The Romford Incident. The incident has already been picked up by The Register, The Independent and the British Journal of Photography, which contains an official statement from the Metropolitan Police."
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Portables (Apple)

+ - Xscale confirmed in iPhone, by Intel!

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I hope you can read italian, or at least machine-translate it. You were right, there's an ARM in the iPhone and it's a Marvell Xscale. %20e%20Mercati/2007/01/grusconi_180107_bucci_intel .shtml?uuid=b94d3c02-a6c8-11db-a363-00000e25108c&D ocRulesView=Libero

Dario Bucci, CEO of intel italy, interviewed by the financial newspaper "ilSole 24 Ore" confirmed that their former technology operates at the heart of the iPhone.

this is the passage:
I micropchip del nuovo Apple iPhone sono Intel?
No, non sono nostre ma di Marvell, la società cui abbiamo ceduto le attività che comprendevano l'architettura XScale. Apple è comunque uno dei principali clienti Intel per quanto riguardo le flash memory e nel nuovo terminale ci sono le nostre Nand.

more or less:
The chips in the new Apple iPhone are made by Intel?
No, they're Marvell's. We sold our Xscale architecture to this company. However Apple is one of our best customers for flash memories and our NANDs are featured in the new handheld."

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