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Science Daily: New Oxidation Methods Streamline Synthesis Of Important Compounds->

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One of the fundamental challenges facing organic synthesis in the 21st century is the need to significantly increase the efficiency with which carbon frameworks can be constructed and functionalized. Chemists are helping to meet this challenge by developing a class of carbon-hydrogen catalysts that are highly selective, reactive and tolerant of other functionality.
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Science Daily: Ultraclean Combustion Technology Developed For Electricity Generation->

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An experimental gas turbine simulator equipped with an ultralow-emissions combustion technology called LSI has been tested successfully using pure hydrogen as a fuel -- a milestone that indicates a potential to help eliminate millions of tons of carbon dioxide and thousands of tons of NOx from power plants each year.
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Comment: Re:Work in the real world first? (Score 1) 68

by maccalvin5 (#15063275) Attached to: Recommendations for Graduate Programs?
mmm... yes, it would be better to find a job first, if only to avoid spending an additional 2+ years advancing in a degree that could very easily be a waste of time. if you're well qualified for a position that does not exist, or end up with a degree in something you hate, it ends up being nothing more than a bad experience to learn from and a credential that may or may not help you in a future job, depending on how well you can spin it.