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Comment: Re: Justice Department obtained records of Fox New (Score 0, Offtopic) 162 162

by mabhatter654 (#43773695) Attached to: Yahoo Pinkie-Swears It Won't Ruin Tumblr

Yeah! Fox News needs to be investigated... I'm sure the DOJ will give Fox the proper consideration Fox News gives when "investigating" for its programs.

Turnabout is fair play... Fox didn't complain when Bush was singeling out individual reporters from other agencies and sending them home if Bush didn't like their stories.... That started BEFORE 9/11. Not to mention Bush took out 30+ year vets (with character assination) Rather and Brokow because they READ news (another editor approved) the White House didn't want read.

Comment: Re:Not about the 80% (Score 0) 365 365

THAT is the exact problem here, more than some flimsy 4th amendment claim. The IRS is "seorn to privacy" about as much as your cleaning lady... Unless an agent dumped a bunch of F500 financial statements its probably not even an of fence that gets past reprimanded and wrist smacked.

HIPAA is a YOU MUST ENSURE PRIVACY, under pain of financial damages and civil lawsuits. You must ensure with "good faith" that ANY AGENCY you give protected documents to ALSO FOLLOWS HIPAA to your agencies standards. An average IRS agent has ZERO meeting of that standard.. If they were t the IRS the company could get in trouble for letting them access the files at all.

The 4th amendment issue is that IRS documents (and evidence gathered) have very flimsy "privacy" protections... The ITS has no obligation to redact information of other patties nor do they even have to prove they disposed of the information in a HIPAA approved manner, or ANY secure manner. So seven years from now, this information is "free as in Wikileaks" to anybody clever enough to wait for it.

Comment: Re:why does your phone need software running on yo (Score 1) 519 519

by mabhatter654 (#43731625) Attached to: iTunes: Still Slowing Down Windows PCs After All These Years

QuickTime hasn't been a problem for ages... Since Microsoft stopped trying to break it every patch.

Even this iTunes bug is actually a Windows config error when installing the Apple Software. It's not an "Apple caused" bug, but they could help fix it more.

Comment: Re:Icahn is bluffing (Score 1) 59 59

by mabhatter654 (#43726017) Attached to: Rival Dell Buyout Plans Duke It Out

Sure he can. Stockholders only care about the NEXT paycheck so they can cash out. Mr Dell wants to pull an Apple and pool his resources for a big new direction. That means he needs a few quarters off the hamster wheel. He wants to not worry about sales and take the company in for an overhaul. You simply can't do that with guys like Ichan constantly meddeling in what's not their job.

It's the same problem JC Penny CEO had .. It didn't start making money in 3 quarters with the changes only half done. That's why you take the company private, so everybody at the board table agrees with the risks ands some minority player cannot disrupt the works.

Comment: Re:Black mail (Score 3, Insightful) 258 258

I suppose they are counting on the recipient not going to the police over these letters. Part of Blackmail is that if youvwent to the police to defend yourself, you might get in trouble you don't want. As police don't enforce copyright law (like they don't enforce cheating on your wife) I don't think they would actually have to INVESTIGATE that you committed or didn't commit the act to enforce the attempt to extort money.

As these were certainly sent through the USPS it becomes a POSTAL crime as well. I guess the rest of the Prenda's team wanted to visit jail too. The problem with Blackmail is that you eventually send one of these to another, richer person in the middle of a messy divorce having a worse day than you... And they hire somebody to "deliver your payment". In a non-refundable manner. Makes a good episode of Castle.

Comment: Re:Sounds like a Romney Style Buyout / Shakedown (Score 1) 59 59

by mabhatter654 (#43710897) Attached to: Rival Dell Buyout Plans Duke It Out

That's the game. You are "freeing" the rank and file employees to play on a level field with all the other companies... Right after the investors and managers get THEIR CASH OUT. Essentially, these deals borrow money against existing paid-off capital to payoff investors to reduce the number to qualify as a private company again. So you are trying to pay people extra money to cash out and leave now.

Even the bankers are in on it, because the employees are saddled with higher interest rates on everything, even things the old boss paid cash for. That's where the cry for "work ethics" kicks in for workers to "do what it takes" to keep their jobs. And how Unions become the big bad guys.. Because they are working for cash at WORK TIME for the new managers when the old owners cleared out the cash long before. This is what killed Twinkies.

Comment: Re:Why simply shut it down? Why not give it back? (Score 2) 69 69

by mabhatter654 (#43682517) Attached to: LinuxDevices.com Vanishes From the Web

The publisher is about BUSINESS not writing. If it took them more than 5 minutes to understand, then they already lost their attention span. Selling it or spinning it off would require more than 5 minutes to figure out what it was worth and who would want it.
They WANTED other ZD assets to add to their collection and the rest were for the bin. That's how large companies work.

Comment: Re: And... (Score 1) 618 618

Because lots of people create content that's NOT ON A COMPUTER. Auto mechanics, plumbers, trainers, artists, birthday clowns.... While Square helps them Create Bank Account! If you were one of those professions, you could do 75% of your daily work from your phone or tablet, you just need the PC for Taxes and such.

Comment: Re:And... (Score 1) 618 618

"The trick is providing something that is truly useful without cannibalizing Laptop/Desktop sales"...

That is why Microsoft FAILS. Apple let's iPad be what it wants to be, and its WAY BIGGER than all the Macs Apple Sells. Microsoft Could easily get $60 per iPad with a full Office suite. That's MORE MONEY than they get per PC for Windows... Microsoft cannot see how to "bet the farm" on something and make it stick, they have basically failed to create one NEW product line that beats the profits of their previous products.

Comment: Re:And... (Score 1) 618 618

The need for clumsy printing hacks is more to do with how companies build printers that REQUIRE CPU-sucking drivers than anything Apple is doing. iOS and android can almost directly print to "pure" postscript or PCL printers. The ones that corporate networks use.

It's just that Gates talked everybody into using "software" drivers to enhance profits by declaring no more drivers and make you buy new stuff.

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