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Comment: Here's what I did. (Score 2, Informative) 540

by mabersold (#25365263) Attached to: Getting Hired As an Entry-Level Programmer?
I got my degree in computer science and began grad school, but dropped out after one quarter. Not having had any real world experience, I felt like I was up a certain creek without a certain instrument. I began to use a local placement agency (one that specialized in tech jobs) to find a job in the Seattle area, and after a few searches I found one that looked interesting. No, it was not a full-time job, it was an internship, but it was a development position with an up-and-coming company that would, at the very least, get me some real programming experience. They offered me the job and while I got very few benefits and a fairly low wage, I took it anyway. I worked in my internship for an entire year without being offered a job. However, I made a very good impression with the company (this is important). After my internship ended, I accepted a QA job contracting at a different company. I did not enjoy this job at all, but stuck with it and kept in touch with my former employers from time to time. Finally, an ideal full-time programming position opened up at the first company, I interviewed, got offered the job, and happily accepted. It's been over a year since then and while I still have a lot to learn, I have a full-time development job and I love it. At first I did not like the idea of accepting an internship because I already had a bachelor's degree, but in retrospect, it was the best decision I could have possibly made.

+ - Scientists create pollution eating trees->

Submitted by mabersold
mabersold (1171751) writes "University of Washington scientists have developed poplar trees that could remove dangerous chemicals such as benzene and TCE from contaminated areas. How did they do it? By splicing in rabbit DNA, of course. It'll be a few years before we start seeing the mutant trees planted in actual polluted soil, but tests are currently being carried out in laboratories using tiny trees grown in chemical solutions."
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