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Comment Full Circle. (Score 2) 68

It seemed like it took forever for Firefox 1.0 to be released back when I was using Firefox .8 and .9. I remember people sarcastically complaining numerous times in the forums back then that the developers were trying to create an operating system and not a browser. Well, here we are a little over 10 years later talking about Firefox OS's new payment system. I wonder how much, if any, of that source code from the pre-one-point-oh release is still in Firefox today. Is there any of it in FFox OS? I know I sure never thought there would be a market for a Firefox OS back in 2003. Kudos to the mozilla team.

How Beer Gave Us Civilization 325

Hugh Pickens writes "Jeffrey P. Khan writes in the NY Times about how recent anthropological research suggests that human's angst of anxiety and depression ultimately results from our transformation, over tens of thousands of years, from biologically shaped, almost herd-like prehistoric tribes, to rational and independent individuals in modern civilization. The catalyst for suppressing the rigid social codes that kept our clans safe and alive was fermented fruit or grain. 'Once the effects of these early brews were discovered, the value of beer must have become immediately apparent,' writes Khan. 'With the help of the new psychopharmacological brew, humans could quell the angst of defying those herd instincts. Conversations around the campfire, no doubt, took on a new dimension: the painfully shy, their angst suddenly quelled, could now speak their minds.' Examining potential beer-brewing tools in archaeological remains from the Natufian culture in the Eastern Mediterranean, the team concludes that 'brewing of beer was an important aspect of feasting and society in the Late Epipaleolithic' era. In time, humans became more expansive in their thinking, as well as more collaborative and creative. A night of modest tippling may have ushered in these feelings of freedom — though, the morning after, instincts to conform and submit would have kicked back in to restore the social order. Today, many people drink too much because they have more than average social anxiety or panic anxiety to quell — disorders that may result, in fact, from those primeval herd instincts kicking into overdrive. But beer's place in the development of civilization deserves at least a raising of the glass. As the ever rational Ben Franklin supposedly said, 'Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.'"

Comment Not just programmers. (Score 0) 617

IT staff
Support Staff
Customer Service
Even some service industry jobs like hotel staff

All being H1-B'ed and frequently subsidized at the taxpayer's expense.
This country's government has no sense of how to do anything but keep
itself in power and fully funded. As long as the corporates support them
financially and politically, expect more of the same legislation that has brought
us to this point.

Comment Re:End the boondoggle (Score 1) 419

Many years working on a farm provides me with experience and far more knowledge of the situation than someone who did not.
  I stated two problems. These were indisputable facts.

I added in that IF you factored in the other incidentals, usage jumped significantly more. Again, not anything but 2+2 there.

I called no one's numbers B.S. and in fact, stated " that I'm not sure that there is a net energy gain from using corn to produce fuel fit for internal combustion engines."

Could it be that you know you have no ground to stand on and that is why you hide behind AC? Go crawl back under your bridge, troll.

End of File.

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