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Comment Re: Let me be clear (Score 1) 184

probably not. I doubt they tell the sockfags what site they are replying to posts on. afaik the HBGary personna management software manages it all in the client.

If they let them read what we say about them not even the promise of forgiving their student loans would be enough to keep them in the job.

Comment Re:"trolls" got teeth (Score 1) 134

We deliver high value services to high value products. Services only my companies can provide because only my companies have access to the underlying tech.

These companies have a product - which they paid for - the exclusive rights to use a specific invention, which they licence to companies rather than the original inventor being the only one who has the rights to use it.

That isn't trolling, its profiting from the IP system the US built for itself.

R&D in software isn't as expensive as R&D in hardware, but it still costs money.

You might as well call the RIAA "music trolls", or the MPAA "movie trolls".

I don't see why big business should be let off paying.

Comment Re:"trolls" got teeth (Score 1) 134

I run all my IP under "trade secret" status. much better since you don't have to disclose any of the details of how you do things.

Also don't do any business in the US "because* of their stupid software patent laws (the market may be large, but the return on investment is too low to bother putting any effort in there)

But that doesn't change the fact that Microsoft Apple Google and IBM "intentional infringe" prolifically on the vast majority of their products.

Which is one of the reasons I would never want them to know how we turn over as much as we do.

Comment Re: The biggest problem with backdoors (Score 1) 345

it was the US throwing the tantrum over russia destroying their oil and turkey shooting down a Russian plane over the issue which really gave it away...

russia has pretty much destroyed them. and shut down all the us airstrikes on syrian army positions by bringing in the s400. its game over for the CIA plan to destabilise syria now.

but I'm sure the fear porn you are all addicted too has some way to run yet.

you've still got a greater chance of being killed by a policeman than an Islamic terrorists.

Comment Re: The biggest problem with backdoors (Score 1) 345

Mirror probably not the best source for that.

I'm much more inclined to believe they don't care how they are labelled.

It's probably more an intelligence agency thing.

They the cia has been caught so many times funding Isis now they need to try and make a distinction between the murderous Muslims they are giving money and guns to. And the murderous Muslims that murder people.

Comment Re:What IS clear: (Score 1) 133

Thats the almost certainly fabricated sex charges.

I'm talking about why he can be extradidited from Sweden to the US but not the UK to the US.

That is why he came to the UK in the first place. after the collateral murer story broke.
Then they fabricated the sex charges.

Or something to that effect.

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