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Comment Re: Oh Boy (Score 2) 89

the fact they have lost the world populations attention singing the climate change hymn won't stop them getting together to drink $100k bottles of wine and patting themselves on the back at what a good job they are doing controlling us and getting more and more people to pay them taxes and otherwise submit to their control.

Comment Re: So.. for a non-physicist (Score 1) 152

Pretty sure that fermions , bosons and helium-4 aren't conductors.

As I understand the Stern-Gerlach it shows you entanglement exists, it doesn't give a set of entangled things you can experiment on that we have been discussing so far. Even your link to the "original test" says nothing about the photon source.

Further more, I don't see any of this actually explaining anything, other than reinforcing what I said ealier, in that the "CHSH inequality" IS a set experiment, testing set theory (and crudely at that).

Comment Re: So.. for a non-physicist (Score 1) 152

->No, this is not true at all as only certain materials will transition in to superconductivity.

At absolute zero all conductors are super conductors.

some materials transition at higher temperatures.

The "useful" super conductors are the ones that transition above the boiling point on liquid nitrogen.

->Experiments involving electrons or photons travelling

But they are "entangled" in a super conductor first.

"As I understand it"

->Stern-Gerlach experiment
Does that have Quantum entanglement?
Don't think it does.

Comment Re: So.. for a non-physicist (Score 1) 152

What link would that be?
Stack exchange linking to Wikipedia doesn't count for much with this stuff imo.

And that's the only link I see in this thread.

Any experiment running close to absolute zero is using superconductivity. All these experiments, photons or electrons are currently using super cooled materials as far as I've seen.

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