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Comment Re: "...need to be prepared..." (Score 0) 382

In 2010, Romney and his wife totaled $21.6 million in income and paid slightly more than $3 million in federal income taxes. That's good for an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent

Which kinda proves my point. Bet you wish you had an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent

And secondly .... according to the documents he released.
->If you think his income was really "just" $21.6 million, Which is less than an entry level VC, you are dreaming.


Comment Re: "...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 382

Now you are being quite rediculous.

Only poor people (those with income less than about $2mill a year) pay any tax.

Unless you count the negative interest rate on their swiss bank accounts and the cost of bribing the politicos to give them exceptions.
And I'm pretty sure they don't count.

Comment Re: "...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 382


Which is yet another reason "widely reported FUD" about melting ice causing 3" of sea level rise is BS.

No one in the US cares about such disasters already caused by subsidence.
There is no way anyone cares about disasters that may happen if something that may or may not be happening, happens somewhere 99% of the population has never been to.

But won't stop rich folk putting a carbon tax on the poor folk, so they can drop more bombs on villages and schools in places the average American has never even heard of.

Comment Re: "...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 382

Ever hear of subsidence:


Land subsidence [sinking] in the New York City area has been roughly 3-4 inches per century, which is primarily due to the Earth's crust.

i.e. Absolutely NOTHING to do with ice melting. and however told you it is, was lieing to you, and you should get your money back.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 0) 382

Pretty sure it wasn't a
"We can't do anything about it"

and more a
"We can't be bothered doing anything about it".

A bit like the UK Monarchy molesting small children.
Everyone knows they do it
But no one cares enough to do anything about it.

probably because they are all to busy arguing over the average size of an Americans penis...
Sorry I mean 3" of sea level rise

Comment Re: "...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 382

You mean the worldwide refugee crisis caused by america dropping bombs on people.

Not sure what that has to do with sea level rise and falls.

Other than you'll have a tiny little bit less land to house them all when the EU start shipping the people displaced by US weapons to the US.

Now that would be something worth talking about.

The size of American penis's.
Not so much.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 382

And anyway, without wanting to get too hung up on the exact details, and while I'm inclined to take publications from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration over the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on matters of the ocean.

Pointing out that the two biggest institutions tasked with investigating these issues can't even agree on recent sea levels within ten meters.

Really doesn't help anyone give a flying f' about 3 inches.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 382

That's one data source.
On on this particular issue they are mostly discredited (for a whole host of reasons, don't know why, don't really care. Not really interested in this "click bait for the sheeple").

  quick google of "Ancient Egypt sea levels fell" gives


Which discredits one of those images.

There should be more considering it was falling sea levels which destroyed that once powerful empire.

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