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Comment Re:He stole, he got arrested (Score -1, Troll) 674 674

most of the airports and stations I use have free charging points.

The story here is someone was stupid enough to go to London then act surprised when it turned out to be a shit hole.

I mean, we're talking about the country that wants to make secure online shopping and banking illegal. The place is an international joke.

Comment Re:The end of on-line banking and shopping (Score 1) 174 174

Yeah, that's the assumption I'm working on now.

We put a very large sum of money through the UK from customers in Europe and the US.

If this bill passes I'll have to relocate the infrastructure. which will be a ball ache. but cheaper than installing backdoors securely and the loss of business from customers not willing to give their secrets to the UK government.

Comment Re:Farther-reaching implications (Score 1) 179 179

Because the is no link between the transaction history and an actual person or persons.

Like serial numbers on a gun but no central registry of who owns what gun.

You can tell if a gun fired a bullet.
But you can't tell from the bullet who was holding the gun at the time it was fired.

Comment Re: if that's true, (Score 1) 487 487

that's not the only protection in that zone.
if they try that they are isolated from the entire network until the username/pass is entered for the network.

point is. if you aren't in the whitest you can connect to a low quality Internet access an file box for sharing movies and music. but anything "personal" is on a seperate network.

a bit like the cable companies do on their routers. only with file sharing.

lots of ways to do it. but my point is people should already be running at least two networks anyway. one for them and their devices and one for guests.

Comment Re:if that's true, (Score 1) 487 487

Much better plan imho is to just use a MAC address whitelist to "opt out"

I've been doing this for some time. "my" wifi, high bandwidth, load balancing, access to filesharing has the one whitelist.

If you aren't on that whitelist you get dropped into a virtual lan, with shared 150kBs max up/down bandwidth and a piratebox.

Comment Re:Drone It (Score 1) 843 843

If it was just a case of the Gs being "artificially limited", it would just be a case of limiting them less so they aren't out manoeuvred by the now ancient F16.

This sounds more like the widely reported fundamental problem with the engines and aerodynamics.

This is especially a problem when Russia has already overcome the engine problems on its already highly manoeuvrable airframe.

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