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Comment: The article (Score 1) 427

by m3gatr0nX (#19826795) Attached to: Ubuntu Continues to Grab Market Share
So I RTFA...and it's one of the worst written ones I've read in a while. I'm not sure what the author is trying to prove, and his argument has no substance to it at all. I'd expect more from a 4th grader writing a term paper.

Apparently he's trying to say that Ubuntu is very popular for the casual Linux user. Ok, that's an easy call. But in his comparison with Debian, Fedora and Suse, he says Debian doesn't release fast enough, Fedora has "community relations issues" and "SuSE 10 was strong, 10.1 was not too impressive, and I have not had enough time to take their latest release for a solid test drive..."

Umm...well that's one hell of a comparison there.

"RPM Based Distros Are Simply Not Popular With Newer Users ...they lack hand-holding for beginners." Again...please tell me why users don't like RPM based distros. How do they lack hand-holding....especially with yum which in a lot of ways mimics apt-get.

Add on top of all that, it's in their "Reviews" section. This was a review of what? Random words on a page? Then it ends up on the Slashdot front page...funny.

Release Updates For Bioshock, Many Other Titles 23

Posted by Zonk
from the games-from-the-left-of-them-games-from-the-right-of-them dept.
There have been several updates to game releases and showings this week. Probably most interesting is the news that the much-anticipated Bioshock will release in August, as opposed to the 'June-ish' timeframe we had previously. GTA and Civilization fans have much to look forward to next year; GTA IV's downloadable content, as well as new Civilization content are both due out in 2008. GTA IV itself is due out later this year. If anyone but me was wondering when the MMOG 'Bigworld: Citizen Zero' would be coming out, you can stop wondering: it's been canceled. The sci-fi title was to feature a world where players re-discovered their past on a penal colony where everyone's memory had been erased. Developer Micro Forte has been working on the game for some seven years now, and they've now publicly announced it just won't happen. Instead, they're now working on a spy-themed title. Finally, RPG fans will be getting their fix next week. Tabula Rasa and Mass Effect will be on display at GDC. More details will finally be available for both of these intriguing but mostly-enigmatic titles.

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