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+ - Florida Home to 12 of 50 Best Hospitals in U.S: Su->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Florida houses 12 of the best 50 hospitals in the country, followed by Ohio with seven, a new survey has found. The "America's 50 Best Hospitals for 2011" report released by Denver-based HealthGrades Inc. said patients, on average, treated at these hospitals had a nearly 30 percent lower risk of death and 3 percent lower rate of complications.
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+ - Microsoft TMG (OMG!) security->

Submitted by m2f2
m2f2 writes: I was talking with a colleague of mine about the new incarnation of good ol' Microsoft ISA server, the TMG edition.

Browsing thru the filtering options I found this little gem ( To inspect https traffic, nothing better than generating your fake certificate in the name of the target site, acting as man-in-the-middle.
So when accessing you will be presented with a fake certificate issued by Microsoft TMG, Internet Explorer will trust it because signed by a CA in your trusted ring et voilà... your banking session ends — in cleartext — at proxy level.

Nice way to get sure that techies will do their ebanking at home.

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+ - Usage Based Billing in Canada a sure thing.-> 1

Submitted by Nabeel_co
Nabeel_co writes: Usage based billing has become a certainty. It is scheduled to go into effect on March 1st, and Canada's future will suffer. It seems to be obvious to everyone in Canada, except for our government, and the CRTC. Please make your voice heard, and email the CRTC, your local MP or fill out the form on
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Comment: Sorry for the late post (Score 1) 488

by Globe199 (#30805666) Attached to: NY Times To Charge For Online Content

I'm obviously getting into the comments very late, but I felt the need to reply.

If you plan on replacing your reading with BBC News, you obviously have never read both of them. They are nothing alike. Whereas the BBC mainly reports strictly news (with an arguable anti-US spin that has grown tiresome to me), the NYTimes produces fantastic journalism. They have the best columnists and investigative reporters anywhere. Their travel and food sections are second to none. I also enjoy the tone of their writing -- it carries a more traditional, formal language than many newspapers these days.

I will watch with great interest how this plays out. I love my and would have to think hard about whether to pay for it.

+ - Falling leaves, failing domains ...

Submitted by m2f2
m2f2 writes: Network solutions may have a problem. A series of domains (one of which, an NGO, I am pleased to administer) have been disabled yesterday and put on "pending renewal".
Their own records tell that the domain expires on 21-Jun-2010 but admin and tech contacts now are the limbo of
How many of the ./'ers have been there, and ... what have they done?

Comment: You can't compete with free unless you lie (Score 1) 703

by m2f2 (#29249985) Attached to: James Murdoch Criticizes BBC For Providing "Free News"
Just pump up your sales with ads of snowy mountains etc, and do not tell anyone of those nitrate levels, higher than standard tap water, and you're done.

Also, why not *advise* using that bottled water for infant feeding?
If nitrates grow plants, just imagine what wonders might be done with kids...

Comment: Re:As a company (Score 1) 703

by m2f2 (#29249917) Attached to: James Murdoch Criticizes BBC For Providing "Free News"
It seems you're talking from another planet. Here in Italy the non-Berlusconi controlled news are Murdoch's SKY (pay channel), RAI 3 (soon to be "moderated" by Berlusconi cronies) and LA7 (controlled by Telecom Italia).
For me, I did what my grandfather did -- in the 1940s he listened to the BBC to know what was really going on.
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Comment: Re:Well here in Italy (Score 1) 353

by m2f2 (#26750613) Attached to: Italian Red Lights Rigged With Short Yellow Light
all the whole shebang is NOT under [state] police control, but by [local, city-paid-for traffic] police control so there's no corruption. it's the city council that met a private company that were peddling those cameras and ok'd their proposal. the system were set up, rigged and operated by private companies, who got a share of the revenues.

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