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by m15cr3ant (#17153586) Attached to: MySpace, U.S. Address Sex Offenders Online
Why not let the registry show their crimes? I think it would be a great idea, but the minute one person finds out about it, it will be a privacy issue and everyone will be up in arms about it. Which makes no sense because they are on a registry either way. I don't see why they don't get someone to lobby on their behalf to get the format of the registry changed. If it is that much of an issue then I am sure someone will do it for a buck.

A guy breaks into your house, kills your wife, and is running away from the house when you chase him down and beat to death. You are convicted of murder. Someone else takes to sniping people in VA. If both were released, who is more likely to kill again, the person that only did it once in a specific situation, of the person that killed strangers multiple times?

Like I posted before either way you are still a murderer. It does not matter the severity of the crime, just that the crime was committed.

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