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+ - Showstopping Bug Delays Windows Vista RTM

Submitted by m0ng0l
m0ng0l (654467) writes "Despite nasty bug, Microsoft's new OS stays scheduled for January

Microsoft was forced to delay the release of the final version of Windows Vista to manufacturers due to a bug found in the final stretch of testing. IDG News quotes a tester who revealed that the bug "would totally crash the system, requiring a complete reinstall."

According to DigiTimes, Vista build version 5824 reduced the bug count from from 1450 to around 500 since the second release candidate and was set for RTM (release to manufacturing) on October 25 before the bug was uncovered.

The bug was squashed a week after its discovery and the revised final build for RTM is numbered 5840. It is believed that the 5840 build has been in testing for nearly a week now. There is no mention, however, of the 499 other bugs which may remain alive and well.

The setback has pushed Vista's RTM date to November 8, exactly two weeks after the originally intended date. The two-week delay is not expected to alter plans for the operating system's debut in January, 2007.

Microsoft recently announced its official plans to offer discounted upgrades to those who purchase a PC pre-loaded with Windows during the holiday season."

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