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54mc writes: "Crunchgear reports that Microsoft's long-searched for forensics tool, COFEE has been leaked. The tool started on a small private tracker, but has since worked it's way to The Pirate Bay. Not all those who have got ahold of it are enthused, and reviews have ranged from "disappointing" to "useless." From the article:you have absolutely no use for the program. It’s not something like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, an expensive application that you download for the hell of it on the off-chance you need to put Dave Meltzer’s face on Brett Hart’s body as part of a message board thread. No, COFEE is 100 percent useless to you. "
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It may be dishonest, but it is still correct. You give someone a larger serving size, they are still going to finish it. End result, someone at panera bread might consume the same amount of calories (sandwich, chips, soda) as someone at mcdonands (sandwich, fries, soda).

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