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Comment Re:I cheer when I read stories like this (Score 1) 203

To "write a check (one's) ass can't cash" is poor-folks slang for making promises or boasting, then failing to deliver on same.

I think the confusion stems from the OP's use of the possessive. I'm guessing he meant "asses".

One could simply have said "Fucking HP, right?", and there would have been no confusion whatsoever, because fucking HP, right?

Comment Re:Python is readable (Score 1) 187

I do all my coding in vi. Generally "g/ /s///g" takes care of any white space problems, when importing folk code. I hated using curlies when I had to start using Perl/javascript/PHP, but I got used to them. It's just a mental flexibility thing. It sucks at first, but after a couple of days I have no trouble. One thing python has done for me vis. other languages is I don't nest. Generally, I have found if I have a big old stalactite of conditionals, that they can be replaced with a function call that simplifies the flow for other humans and my future self.

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