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Comment Re:Notepad++, Don't want to use installer? (Score 1) 386

There's a big difference between the common practice of "you no install" and running usb security software.

The only place I've worked that locked out any writable device was a place where PID was handled. No one would go through that kind of hassle without needing to.

luckily, we could still charge off the USB ports ;)

Comment Re:But now... (Score 2) 504

I believe that's the point

If an employer is so cavalier with personally identifiable information that they would ask for your password to a social media site, they probably can't be trusted to keep your employment records, including your SS and your bank information, secure either.

Comment bit of reading (Score 2) 196

If you haven't been taught, or feel you haven't been taught, enough about coding conventions (god knows I wasn't), try reading Clean Code by Robert Martin and also Refactoring by Martin Fowler.

A good knowledge of design patterns is also very useful to cultivate. It makes problems easier to handle and solutions faster to devise.

Comment Re:Christ, do they form a drum circle too? (Score 3, Insightful) 64

Rant on. I read that hoping for some interesting discussion of how open source hardware filters down to users. Enabling people to build better, and innovate quicker, and all I got was some weird manifesto about how no one is doing it right except the few people this guy knows.

Comment Re:Free2play in games... (Score 1) 321

In the gaming world you hear of committed players customers spending $100's every month on a fairly rudimentary games as opposed to the $15/month charged by the few remaining subscription games.

... or as opposed to those who play well made online games that have no subscription and a one off fee like Guild Wars.
or games like Anarchy and Ryzom which are both free, totally, for vary large portion of the game.

the small amount of people who rack up debt to farmville are very odd ducks indeed. I don't think any subscription system would save them from their own madness.

Comment Re:Get an iPad (Score 1) 155

My mother did the same and still loves her iPad.

However there are considerations that need to be made, especially the ergonomics issues that have been posted.
And also, a iPad requires either an internet connection, or a computer to connect it to (with an internet connection). I'm not sure if a computer running iTunes is required to do a first time boot with the new iPad/iOS anymore, but you do need one in order to update it. The OP said an internet connection was unnecessary, but it would still need to exist to use an iPad, and possibly a computer as well.

I don't know if iTunes requires a debit/credit card either, that could be an issue with someone who's quite elderly.

OP, is there any way you can borrow an iPad and see if it's feasible to your grandmother?

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