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+ - Is There an Elegant Program?

Submitted by lxrslh
lxrslh writes: Since the dawn of computing, we have read about massive failed projects, bugs that are never fixed, security leaks, spaghetti code, and other flaws in the programs we use every day to operate the devices and systems upon which we depend. It would be interesting to read the code of a well-engineered, perfectly coded, intellectually challenging program. I would love to see the code running in handheld GPS units that first find a variable number of satellites and then calculate the latitude, longitude, and elevation of the unit. Do you have an example of a compact and elegant program for which the code is publicly available?

+ - WHY Search for Larger Prime Numbers

Submitted by lxrslh
lxrslh writes: IANAM (mathematician)
What is the point of continuing to search for and claim increasingly large prime numbers? Devoting greater numbers of more powerful computers will always result in the ability to calculate a larger number, ad infinitum. Surely the largest numbers we have calculated to date are sufficient for practical use? Is this task in some way useful or a real challenge?

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