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Comment Re:Manage Wage Inflation - Pure and simple (Score 1) 325

I think your CEO number is way off, which is why your specious argument fails. The myth of fair wages for CEOs is one of the problems with the conservative mantra. Free market ostriches stick their heads in the Fox News sand while the economy visibly deteriorates for the 99%.

Comment Re:Why use Word unless forced to do so? (Score 1) 409

I find LyX to be much better for word processing and presentations than any of the office suites. I was never a big fan of the office suite bundling, because I always found my needs for one aspect were better served by a different company than my needs for some other aspect.

Submission + - UK Government Plans Switch to Open Source->

Karashur writes: Ministers are looking at saving tens of millions of pounds a year by abandoning expensive software produced by firms such as Microsoft. Some £200m has been spent by the public sector on the computer giant's Office suite alone since 2010.

The Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude believes a significant proportion of that outlay could be cut by switching to free "open-source" software, such as OpenOffice, or Google Docs.

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Submission + - AMD Announces Sampling Of Eight-Core ARM 'Seattle' Processor->

MojoKid writes: AMD's Andrew Feldman announced today that the company is preparing to sample its new eight-core ARM SoC (codename: Seattle). Feldman gave a keynote presentation at the fifth annual Open Compute Summit. The Open Compute Project (OCP) is Facebook's effort to decentralize and unpack the datacenter, breaking the replication of resources and low volume, high-margin parts that have traditionally been Intel's bread-and-butter. AMD is claiming that the eight ARM cores offer 2-4x the compute performance of the Opteron X1250 — which isn't terribly surprising considering that the X1250 is a four-core chip based on the Jaguar CPU, with a relatively low clock speed of 1.1 — 1.9GHz. We still don't know the target clock speeds for the Seattle cores, but the embedded roadmaps AMD has released show the ARM embedded part actually targeting a higher level of CPU performance (and a higher TDP) than the Jaguar core itself.
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Comment Re:M$ is the king of astroturfing (Score -1, Troll) 128

If I had mod points I'd mod you up. Posts like yours are automatically modded to oblivion anymore, because as you've pointed out, /. has been targeted by the Microsoft astroturfers. I'm starting to wonder if the MS shills outnumber the *nix users now. Rename to \.?

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