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Submission + - Google's self-driving cars roll onto public roads this summer->

An anonymous reader writes: Google’s latest self-driving car prototype is expected to make its debut on public roads in California this summer. The two-seater driverless vehicle is the first of its type to be purpose built for self-driving, according to the tech giant. Using sensors the smart car is able to drive, brake, and identify obstacles and hazards without human intervention. The latest design differs from Google’s first driverless prototype unveiled last year – which was so basic it even lacked real headlights. The new model although slightly more sophisticated, still does not contain air bags and does not meet state safety requirements, which limit the vehicles to 25mph. The car is electric and needs to be recharged after 80 miles of driving. The smart vehicle is also only able to drive on roads mapped by Google. The first cars to take to Californian roads will still feature a steering wheel and a gas pedal to meet state regulations. The same law requires that a driver can take back control of the vehicle when necessary. However, Google continues to fight for more flexible regulations.
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Comment Re:Better Than Commercial Software? (Score 1) 202

I'm aware of several consulting clients who were hit by CryptoLocker to various degrees. Most restored their data from a previous backup. Two paid the ransom. Several waited too late to get us involved and were left without a backup and unable to pay the past due ransom.

Comment Next generation of the iWatch capability? (Score 2, Interesting) 414

I can't decide if this is brilliant or stupid. Perhaps Apple could one day create a laptop shell fitted for a phone but not until Apple first pulls off the iWatch. I see this concept being an extension of wirelessly transferring functionality to another device as the Phone Watch combo should provide. Am I being short-sighted here?

Comment Re:CrashPlan (Score 1) 227

For the last month, I've been using CrashPlan to back up a 5.5TB filesystem over AFP to a remote AFS file share over the Internet. I did the initial backup across the LAN and then moved the drive array to its final destination. I'm now a few weeks in after the move and for the last 4 days, it has not backed up and is instead synchronizing block information. 4 days in and it's up to 59.9%. It spent 1.5 days about a week ago doing something like recursive block purging. I wish the client could do these housekeeping chores while also performing the backup.

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