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Comment: Small school advantage (Score 1) 229

by luvirini (#49776245) Attached to: Elon Musk Establishes a Grade School

Back in the days I went two years(5th and 6th grade) to a small school on a island with a total of about 20 kids in grades 1-6.

There were further about 20 in 9-12 as kids from neighboring island came to the same school. (They had their own 1-6 grade school)

The school was organized so that the kids in grade 1-2 where in one classroom and 3-6 in other.

Some of the subjects were taught together regardless of what grade you were in, some others were more self study with teacher moving around to help as needed.

At that high teacher to student density and every student knowing everyone else so well, it was by far the best educational environment in my school times. We moved a lot so I went to a total of six schools through upper secondary (1-12)

So my view is really that for good schooling effect you need small groups and having overall small school size helps.

Comment: Re:Not Interested (Score 1) 118

I have been looking for 4k TV, but have only found smart TVs for sale, so I am still waiting for reasonable priced stupid TV with 4k, as I really do not want the so called smart TV.

Currently the only way to get a non smart 4k TV seems to be a computer monitor, but the prices for the larger such are at least double the smart TV prices.

Comment: Re:FF better than Chrome on cert exception use cas (Score 1) 240

by luvirini (#49610063) Attached to: Chrome Passes 25% Market Share, IE and Firefox Slip

Except that Firefox refuses to show some sites totally with no option to bypass, with Chrome you can say "yes I want to bypass your warning" in those sites.

There has been a long going on process to create FF 64 bit for windows, they have already released a official developer version and there is ongoing work and an official proposal to get the 64 bit version out by end of the year, but it has not yet been accepted so it may or may not happen.

Comment: Have to use too many (Score 1) 240

by luvirini (#49606599) Attached to: Chrome Passes 25% Market Share, IE and Firefox Slip

I would like to use Waterfox for everything as it is currently the browser that is close to good.

But Google is so bad at programming that their code only works well with chrome so I use chrome for Gmail, Google maps and so on. So I have a chrome window up with 3-4 tabs normally. But as chrome takes so much memory extra for each tab it cannot be used for more uses.

Too many products like old firewalls boxes, Microsoft remote connector and similar require IE. Thus I find myself running it almost every week for something.

And finally Firefox is really really bad with bad certificates. I have to often do things like manage networking gear that has expired certificates and similar. Firefox just says "you cannot do that" where with Chrome I can say "yes I know it is insecure, but I really do not care" Thus I have to use chrome almost weekly for such.

But for the rest of it.. yes Waterfox is the way to go. Currently 5 open windows with 150+ total tabs in waterfox.

When Mozilla gets their Windows 64 bit Firefox version running and stable I will likely switch to it.

Comment: Nothing surpricing really. (Score 4, Insightful) 143

by luvirini (#49461549) Attached to: Spain's Hologram Protest: Thousands Join Virtual March In Madrid

In too much of the world today other things than humans have more rights.

This ranges from corporations having many/most of the rights of humans in many countries, while at the same time only having to pay fines for crimes where humans would be put to jail. And ranging to things like the compensation values of different things you do when damaging humans compared to damaging property.

Comment: Re:Start of th End (Score 1) 196

by luvirini (#49045777) Attached to: Firefox To Mandate Extension Signing

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to Peer's certificate has an invalid signature. (Error code: sec_error_bad_signature)

        The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
        Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.
and only try again as possible action

Comment: Re:Start of th End (Score 1) 196

by luvirini (#49035989) Attached to: Firefox To Mandate Extension Signing

No, it includes a lot of modern small business routers too,

I did not blame mozilla, I just stopped using it and switched to chrome as that is clearly what mozilla wanted by not allowing me so say "Yes it is a crappy certificate, but the traffic is on a local network so who gives a flying leap" that chrome allows.

So as said I do not blame mozilla, they just do not want people to use their product so I am not.

Comment: Re:Start of th End (Score 1) 196

by luvirini (#49034385) Attached to: Firefox To Mandate Extension Signing

Not really.

Firefox has been on the road to nowhere a while. This is just a part of the strategy to piss off people who actually try to do things.

My personal big problem is the certificate handling where firefox does not allow me to say "yes I know that is a bullshit cert but I do not care" as a surprising number of cheap routers ship with bad certificates and thus cannot be administered with firefox.

Comment: It is an attempt to lock in customers (Score 3, Interesting) 32

by luvirini (#48937951) Attached to: UK Broadcaster Sky To Launch Mobile Service

Basically it is the same as with many other businesses, they will try to leverage their customer relationships to include more areas(so they get more money from the same customer)

Luckily at least currently the competition in the UK market seems to work fairly well so you still have the competition and choice,

There have been some worrying signs of lesser number of providers lately though so the question is how long will the good situation last.

Comment: Re:trains don't need rope... (Score 4, Informative) 248

by luvirini (#48920563) Attached to: Engineers Develop 'Ultrarope' For World's Highest Elevator

Trains also do not need to pull straight up.

The real reason for the cables is to allow counterweights to balance much of the load. Thus with counterweight you are lifting only the carried weight, without you are lifting also the elevator chassis and any engine and such, a much larger load.

Comment: Simple solution:do not buy the game until you know (Score 1) 474

Know as in know if there are too many new game problems, like the activation problems, crashes, DRM issues and whatever.

I personally wait until the game has been on the market for a while until buying them, that way I have a better understanding of what I am buying. (and often they also have come down in price as a bonus)

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