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Comment: Re:It gets better. . . (Score 1) 230

see the nice thing about the au those guys wont have a job soon. idiots like that quickly get voted out. they just threw in a very librel government this run for some reasion there there poplurlty has aruly came to a screeching hult and they know there not getting new terms.

Comment: Re:How embarrasing (Score 1) 215

by luther349 (#49799431) Attached to: Crowdfunded, Solar-powered Spacecraft Goes Silent
linux can have years and years of uptime and relly with no updates hitting it as long as the hardware last this was a user error case hear having the os share space with storage on a system your not able to well go reset if something goes wrong should be self contained so if thers a storage problem the os itsself is not out of memery/

Comment: get real (Score 1) 489

by luther349 (#49797913) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?
unless they find the cure to altiimers and cancer you would still be screwed even if they could make your body last longer. your brain brakes down after 100 years or so and in some cases sooner. so say the avg age is 60 they might be able to ad another 30 or so years.would be nice but not like we will suddenly have people living forever. you know early humans 40 was old age most would die off from something even as miner as a bad tooth or infection it was not until modern medicine 60+ became common.

Comment: Re:Wrong. Tesla batteries are 350-450 volts (Score 1) 527

by luther349 (#49795445) Attached to: How Tesla Batteries Will Force Home Wiring To Go Low Voltage
yea that's way to hi no panel or charge controller goes that hi to charge the battery they need to wires these in a 12 to 48v option. granted with enough panels in serise you might get that voltage but no controller to charge not to mention none are program for lithium battery's the rest of the green world needs to catch up before the tesla wall is usefull..

Comment: dead wrong and clueless poster (Score 1) 527

by luther349 (#49795423) Attached to: How Tesla Batteries Will Force Home Wiring To Go Low Voltage
someone hear was clueless when he posted this a good ac inverter can be as good as 98% and make a better sine wave then the power company can provide meaning your power is even cleaner then grid. if you wired something like a house for dc thousands of square feet you would lose even more power from dc falloff then running a good ac inverted system. small system like rvs and cabins are only a few feet meaning running full dc is simply cheaper and those power lose is around the same.

Comment: Re:Fault may not be the right measure. (Score 1) 408

iv seen some test cars and they in fact can correct if the other guys cuts them off etc. go look at Tesla prototype they threw test dummies in front of the car etc. and during the demo to the public a camera man accidentally stepped onto the test area and the car avoided him so it got a unintended real world test and passed.

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