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Comment: Re:Fault may not be the right measure. (Score 1) 408

iv seen some test cars and they in fact can correct if the other guys cuts them off etc. go look at Tesla prototype they threw test dummies in front of the car etc. and during the demo to the public a camera man accidentally stepped onto the test area and the car avoided him so it got a unintended real world test and passed.

Comment: Re:Why doesn't Google challenge Microsoft's patent (Score 0) 103

by luther349 (#49552681) Attached to: Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach
you seen there patents when Samsung killed there case. there easily defeated there very vague broad bs. when Microsoft lost agenst Samsung they just started going after smaller company's who dont have the deep pockets to fight them off. hell even when they tried to go after linux and lost due to the same bs patents run. google does need to step up and shut down there little scam.

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