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Comment: Re:So why buy it? (Score 1) 322

by luther349 (#49284671) Attached to: Microsoft Offers Pirates Amnesty and Free Windows 10 Upgrades
well how many people actually buy a full copy of windows.very few. they run what comes with there pc until they buy a new pc in most cases. most of there pirate copy's are people who run older or custom rigs and would probably never buy it anyways. there bringing them in the fold with legit copy's. .

Comment: Re:It has been for me, started with Civ 5 (Score 1) 192

by luther349 (#49236849) Attached to: Steam On Linux Now Has Over a Thousand Games Available
most aaa games on linux that there is are simply done as a curtasy to the user base linux sales on aaa games would never recoup the cost of even porting it at this point in time. for low cost indie games the boosted sales is well worth it. thats not a stab at linux or anything its user base just does not make up enough sales.

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