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Comment: Re:"Anti-US" Hacker? (Score 1) 221

by lusiphur69 (#33577210) Attached to: Anti-US Hacker Takes Credit For Worm

Legitimate arguments?

When I see one I might deign to respond. Still this is all piss and vinegar, national pride and bigotry. Some people really think Islam is the enemy, instead of fundamentalists. It would behoove you to be more honest in your comments, as I am certain you are aware of this.

"you should know that that mosque WILL be a symbol of how *we* "backed down" and gave in to appease what the Imam wanted"

Actually, it would be a symbol that America will not compromise its values or Constitution to prevent a mosque being built at that location, cementing the differences between America ('land of the free') vs. Saudi Arabia ('not so much')

Stopping the mosque from being built at that location has nothing to do with 'backing down' - which is a pretty juvenile thing to worry about - it would be contrary to American law to try to stop it to appease the less-educated or worldly among you.

Comment: Re:Just one question. (Score 1) 220

by lusiphur69 (#32829330) Attached to: HSBC Bank Sends Activated Debit Cards Through Mail

In other words, its the very nature of this financial instrument which is insecure.

Why would the banks care? Any cost will be borne by the cardholder who might be stuck in a bad situation until the issue can be resolved. As others have astutely stated, the cost of this is likely less than doing it 'right'.

Good ole' capitalism, always in a race to the bottom of the barrel.

Comment: Re:Religion masquerading as science (Score 1) 872

by lusiphur69 (#32777666) Attached to: Climategate's Final Days

Show me some evidence governments - in general, other than the Danes - actually want to get serious and do anything about global warming.

You conspiracy nuts are all over this, alleging collusion between government and academia that simply isn't there.

In other words, there is no discernible motive for lying on this scale - to protect fraudulent research? You actually believe the entirety of the body of evidence for man-influenced global warming is a hoax?

I don't think it is a stretch to call you anti-intellectual. Misdirection and muddy the water some more. I'm sure your grand kids will be proud there champ.

Comment: Re:haha...the money (Score 1) 872

by lusiphur69 (#32777548) Attached to: Climategate's Final Days

Ahh..the true colours show.

Of course only Americans would suffer by switching off their addiction to oil. No other country in the world runs its economy, quite literally, on oil.

Give your head a shake.

All nations have a significant amount of their economy tied up ion petrochemicals or they byproducts. It's a sign of how paranoid your nation state is that they actually believe that sceintists are conspiring with, I don't know - Al Gore - to take your *ahem* 'hard earned' money away.

Its more like, we are creating a big problem here, perhaps we should correct it..perhaps we should stop with the FUD over nuclear energy and switch in a big way from two century old coal plants to sustainable nuclear energy in the absence of another alternative. Does that make too much sense?

More than just Americans live on this planet, whether you can find their country on a map or not.

Comment: Re:Applies to all iPhones (Score 1) 534

by lusiphur69 (#32777196) Attached to: Apple To Issue a 'Fix' For iPhone 4 Reception Perception

I would expect a device designed to be carried in the pocket would have some elemnetary protection.

Apparently, its ok in the pocket anyone - you just can't hold it. It being a phone. Interesting.

Apple fans are some of the most illogical cheerleaders on the planet.

Never will any shop I run have Apple products - large scale newspaper publishing is dying anyway. Oh, here's a 100% markup for this Kingston RAM we just conveniently slapped our 'Apple' sticker on.

Comment: Re:Throwback (Score 1) 872

by lusiphur69 (#32776910) Attached to: Climategate's Final Days

I think I'll stick to trained physicians, thanks.

Why don't you try a doctor from a diploma mill and see how much malpractice you can pile on?

That is, if you live.

Thanks for your quaint comments but its really just more FUD about global warming from someone who intuitively believes they 'know' that climate science is all just a pile of BS, leveraged by sneaky scientists to get us to accept their Dr. Evil-esque plans for the world economy.

Its quite patently ludicrous, and that your countrymen swallow it with such gusto speaks volumes about the quality iof educational models in the United States.

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