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Comment: Re:Other stuff in racks too (Score 1) 28

by luigi517 (#41414973) Attached to: Open Compute Project Publishes Final Open Rack Spec
I work in audio visual where all our equipment is 19 inch and we have no need for the 22 inch standard but as we share some rack hardware with the IT industry (power distribution, cable management etc) I hope what we will see is equipment being built to the 19 inch standard wherever practical and shipped with ears to accommodate either rack standard

Comment: HTC mini usb (Score 1) 543

by luigi517 (#41341743) Attached to: iPhone 5 Scorns Standards Promise To European Commission
I think it's interesting to note that htc developed a 12 pin connector compatible with standard mini usb cables and their connector, yet apple, who is supposed to be the father of all things innovative has to create a whole new proprietary connector to get 8 pins. http://pinouts.ru/images/htc_headset.gif

Comment: Re:You know, I've got to say one thing for NASA (Score 1) 91

by luigi517 (#37199244) Attached to: Humanoid Robot Wakes In Space, Tweets
money sink? NASA recieved 1/2 of one percent of the national budget annually (less than was spent by the U.S. in the first day of our involvment in the libyan conflict), which has now been cut to one third of one percent with the end of manned space flight. As far as bang for the buck for taxpayer money goes you could do alot worse than NASA.

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