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Comment: Re:Google = buggy (Score 1) 109

by luder (#44962175) Attached to: GMail Chat/GTalk Sending Chats To Wrong Recipients and are exactly the same email address. Same for

That problem usually happens when you use the email and the sender is trying to email, but forgets the number and instead emails I get that kind of emails very often, too, but I can't see what google could do here.

Comment: Re:Too busy for a pipe dream! (Score 2) 253

by luder (#44510207) Attached to: Elon Musk Admits He Is Too Busy To Build Hyperloop

The one in Spain crashed because it was going to fast around the corner because the driver was texting on his phone.

He was not texting, he was talking on the phone, receiving instructions from the train company about the route farther ahead (it was not a warning about the corner). But that is probably irrelevant since he was already too fast when he got the call, one minute before the crash. Even if he noticed the corner, I don't know if one minute would be enough to slow down the train to a safe speed.

+ - Meteor breaks up over Russia, brightness of fireball rivals the sun (with video)

Submitted by PyroMosh
PyroMosh (287149) writes "Around 9:30 AM local time, a meteor burned up over the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, east of the Ural mountains. Reports are streaming in of widespread minor damage (mostly broken windows), some reports of injuries.

The videos are amazing, thanks the the widespread practice in Russia of using dashboard cameras, and of course the widespread prevalence of smart phones and security cameras. "Bad Astronomer" Phil Plait thinks that the timing is just coincidental to the near-pass of asteroid 2012 DA14 today, but of course many are speculating on a possible connection."

Comment: Re:Not easy (Score 2) 683

by luder (#42467753) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can I Explain To a Coworker That He Writes Bad Code?

One way is to ask for his advice on your work. In reviewing it, he may pick up some of your ideas and implement them.

Or maybe he will say something like this:

"Why do you create so many objects and methods! Object instantiation and method calls are costly. It's not easy to allocate memory for new objects and the more you do it the more memory fragmentation becomes an issue. Method calls can disrupt the processor pipeline and prevent the best use of the cache. All this can really slow down our application and increase its memory footprint. Please don't do that, instead put everything in a single static method, which will only be called once and suffer no performance penalties. Hey, since I'm ahead of schedule, I'll be glad to give you a hand on improving your code. All of that overhead will be history in no time :wink:."

Comment: Re:Limitations (Score 1) 85

by luder (#42138267) Attached to: Staples To Offer 3D Printing Services

They will probably make a mess out of it... Last time I went to Staples, I wanted to print some chapters from an Open Publication License book and a datasheet for a Microchip ethernet controller. They refused to print the book without written permission from the publisher, even though the Open Publication License was clearly stated. As for the datasheet, they wanted to charge me a copyright tax because it has "© 2004 Microchip Technology Inc." on the cover...

I said "no thanks" and ended up printing everything on a small mom and pop shop, no fuss at all. Plus no fee for handling USB pen drive, no waiting for almost an hour while someone prints a few hundred photos or decides on wedding invitations, and cheaper prices...


Comment: Re:Don't give up on serial (Score 1) 165

by luder (#37883128) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best EEPROM Programmer For a Hobbyists?

There are a large number of great USB to serial port adapters on the market and they're not too expensive either.

Don't waste your money on cheap USB to serial port adapters from ebay. I bought one really cheap and it gave me nothing but trouble. They even sent a free replacement, but nothing would work with it. I heard good things about FTDI adapters, next time I consider buying one that will be my choice.

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