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Comment: Cant wait (Score 1) 76 76

This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see emerge for use in my home lab and NAS - dual 10G means I can finally stop mucking about with all those 1G lines when what I really wanted was an affordable converged net for my lab. Power requirements will keep my hydro bill under control too.

Comment: Lithium Titanate batteries are not new. (Score 1) 395 395

The existing variations on this tech are faster to charge because of increased interactive surface area, but they have less energy density.

As trade offs go, this puts more of a strain on the charging infrastructure, as you get batteries that charge faster, but need it more frequently. If this tech can increase the lifespan, it could bring prices down, but I would prefer to get my cake (high energy density) and eat it too (high charge/discharge currents possible).

Comment: Well, glad the drones arent doing the shooting yet (Score 2) 397 397

At least folks are still getting out in the fresh air.

Seems like its only a matter of time before people can just sit in their living rooms and run an armed drone around the bush to shoot stuff for them.

It already happens a bit with the astronomy crowd - why stand shivering when you can remote your telescope from the comfort of home?

On the plus side, if you do happen to design a drone smart enough to hunt down a critter, you may have a future building dystopian tech for the defense industry.

Comment: Been there, quit that. (Score 5, Informative) 172 172

I spent a lost year of my life working for a similar agency. The systematic fear and redundant covering of asses made for endless meetings.

The only thing worse than busywork is busywork with a profound sense of importance attached to it.

Comment: Ubuntu 12 on old XP machines - 32bit problem. (Score 4, Informative) 426 426

This is a nice sentiment by Munich, but the many of the folks who are running XP and try and install Ubuntu 12 will be in for a nasty surprise -

32 bit machines without PAE will not load with most newer Linuxes. Most, including Ubuntu, no longer include 32 bit non-PAE kernels in their installers.

I found this out when I tried putting a modern albeit tiny Linux onto my FitPC 1 and an older EPIA motherboard - XP runs fine on these, but finding a linux is probably beyond the skill of most XP users. Jury rigging a different kernel in is definitely out.

A lot of older XP installs are also running on older hardware. Just giving away an OS will not magically fix this. And if these folks upgrade the hardware, it probably comes with a newer windows anyway.

Comment: Re:TAANSTAFL! (Score 2) 181 181

I could totally use a version of this - I would wrap it around the exhaust riser on the diesel, and then cool the other side with incoming cooling seawater before it entered the cooling heat exchanger. The difference would be 400C inside vs 22C outside, and might be able to generate some more energy from the waste heat.

I also considered running ammonia through this hot spot and making it an adsorption refrigerator, but that can generate some interesting (chinese) pressures, which can be a hazard.

Of course, normal folks just put an alternator on... but why be normal!

Comment: I tried tagging... (Score 1) 976 976

The entire USA, but it seems to want more specific coordinates.

But seriously, a name-and-shame app for people who are afraid of firearms seems a bit futile in the USA. It would be like a Jew in early 20th century Germany making an app to tag anti-Semitic individuals, institutions, and businesses....

Comment: I blame the Gema Consoles (Score 2) 564 564

Lets face it, the average user and business PC are serviced well enough by Windows 7, or even XP. So who is left to chase the gains brought by Moores Law?

The PC gaming enthusiasts, thats who. And why are those guys for the most part sticking with the same PCs?

Because most PC games are locked to the performance of a game console - Xbox, et all - and those are a little long in the tooth themselves.

Until the next generation of Consoles pushes the envelope of hardware, and the game developers follow suit... PCs will have no reason to follow...

Comment: Re:To some extent, yes (Score 1) 241 241

You quipped -
"What, why do we need a SAN? Remember how you wired those netbooks together for our web farm! Figure something out for us. KTHXBYE.'"

- I think the guy who got that line went on to invent iSCSI.

Not that I have anything against Fibre Channel --- as long as the buffer credits dont run out.

Comment: Re:It already hit me.... (Score 1) 147 147

It wasnt expensive, actually. Old steel boats are really cheap these days, if you can stand all the rust. It isnt critical to livelihood, but it allows me to live part of the time in a sustainable fashion, away from winter. Living that way teaches lessons in conserving every Amp, litre, and hour of the solar power, fresh water, and time left.

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