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Comment: Debunk by generalisation (Score 1) 484

by lt.cyx (#32035362) Attached to: In Brazil, Google Fined For Content of Anonymous Posting

Someone probably suggested this and I didn't read all comments, but here it goes:

Say I get myself a can of spraypaint. And say I spraypaint the walls of a children's hospital with words offensive to the man that lives right across the street from said walls. And say I take extreme care not to be seen and not to leave anything that can trace it back to me.

Will a judge fine the children's hospital? He should, because it's the same thing.

Fine the hospital, judge. Come on. I'd love to see you try.

Leave our internets alone.

Comment: Re:Brazilian Ethanol [Re:Don't blame me] (Score 1) 894

by lt.cyx (#28098433) Attached to: The Great Ethanol Scam
AFAIK, deforesting here in Brazil is mostly caused by illegal logging, which is a real problem. The amazon soil is not that good for growing crops of any kind anyway, so 'deforesting to grow food' is bullcrap. There is a map somewhere in these comments showing the areas used for sugar crane crops. See for yourselves.

Comment: Re:Don't blame me, (Score 2, Interesting) 894

by lt.cyx (#28098321) Attached to: The Great Ethanol Scam
And today ALL new cars come equipped with 'flex' engines, that run on any mixture of gasoline and ethanol - from 100%-0% to 0%-100%. The result is that brazilians can choose which one is best whenever we go to the station, depending mostly on the mileage and price of each of the fuels. My car, for one, has never seen gasoline.

Comment: what if you don't want HTTP? (Score 1) 200

by lt.cyx (#25224335) Attached to: New Jersey's Cablevision Hijacks DNS Error Pages
I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and some ISPs here also hijack failed DNS queries. The main problem with that behaviour is that not all internet traffic is HTTP. For example, if you are trying an SSH connection and you input an invalid domain, you don't get the "no dns entry" response, but a valid IP address - which is not the one you're looking for, and that probably won't accept your connection. You won't get a "no dns entry" error, but a "server actively refused the connection", which is incorrect and might cause you to lose an hour or two trying to figure out what is wrong: a simple misspell. Or even worse: the server might even accept your connection and give you an authentication error. Internet service protocols exist for a reason. Simply ignoring them to "help users" will actually do much more harm than good.

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