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Comment: Re:Operating at 20W gives zero improvement. (Score 1) 113

by lsatenstein (#49151693) Attached to: AMD Unveils Carrizo APU With Excavator Core Architecture

An Intel Xeon E5-2690 V2, S 2011, 10 Core, 3.0GHz costs £1500.
An AMD 3rd Gen. Opteron 6380 CPU, Abu Dhabi 16 Core, S G34 provides better performance and costs less to run yet only retails for £700.

I'd say AMD have plenty of life left in the server market and if they can achieve similar price / performance numbers relative to Intel with these new desktop chips I'd say there is some life in them in the desktop arena too!

Are you insinuating that Intel's markups are unreasonable? That because they had no competition in the high-end cpu world, would they charge what the market would bear? High cost systems also mean higher profits for retailers too. I would not ever say the word "price gouging" when there is scarcity in the marketplace.

Comment: Re:Patent reform will never happen (Score 1) 186

by lsatenstein (#49151659) Attached to: Jury Tells Apple To Pay $532.9 Million In Patent Suit

centered on a group of Republican judges.

Yeah! Take the latest federal judge in good ol' Marshall TX, Judge James Rodney Gilstrap - he was nominated by that great champion and bastion of the Republican party... err, Barack Obama. He was confirmed by the Senate in 2011, when the joint was run by that other massive bastion of conservative GOP morality, err, Sen. Harry Reid. :/

Here's an idea - how about you do some, I dunno, research, before you spout partisan politics.

When all countries other than the USA abolish patents, as Russia has done, the question will be "Should American Companies remain hostage to patents?". A solution would be to become a non-American company, or to abolish patents that are really algorithms for copyright.

Comment: Re:It's a self-correcting problem. (Score 1) 243

by lsatenstein (#49151645) Attached to: The Peculiar Economics of Developing New Antibiotics

If antibiotic development wanes long enough, eventually some rich people will be threatened by new infections for which there are no cures.

Once that happens, antibiotic development will instantly become a top priority for governance and major industry players.

Israel pharmaceutical industry is capitalizing on the fact that American and European firms do not want to invest in research. They are the ones getting the new patents. Bravo Israel.

Comment: Re:disclosure (Score 1) 438

by lsatenstein (#49116661) Attached to: How One Climate-Change Skeptic Has Profited From Corporate Interests

'He has accepted more than $1.2 million in money from the fossil-fuel industry over the last decade while failing to disclose that conflict of interest in most of his scientific papers. Im a little curious if it is standard practice to not disclose this type of relationship. If it is, it is wrong. I see an ethics issue at hand

  Id like to see a breakdown on which scientists are getting paid and by whom in all their works.

I live in Canada and we have been experiencing a bitterly prolonged and cold winter. The east coast has had snow up beyond your arm pits.
I can agree with Wei-Hock Soon but with different reasoning. The pollution we have put into the atmosphere is acting as a blanket. Be it smog, co2, or whatever, it is a blanket. When the sun shines, much of the rays are blocked, giving us colder winters. In summer with the sun in the northern hemisphere, it is again the blanket that is keep in the heat and making for sweltering summers.
We are moving into the extremes of very hot summers and very cold winters, thanks to polution. While we suffer here in the north, Australia has its droughts and super hot summers. Is the sun radiation really swinging in strength to any degree? I think not. Wei-Hock blames the sun, I blame the blanket of polution.

Comment: Re:But CNN Said... (Score 1) 265

by lsatenstein (#49106043) Attached to: The Robots That Will Put Coders Out of Work

Actually, the idea of reusable code and merge of routines as objects is already in use. At a lower level, look at python, or in the even lower level, look at c or c++ libraries.

I can foresee the important functions being in the cloud and your application just calls them with parameters and bingo, you get a response.

Comment: Re:heh heh (Score 1) 99

Those complaints continued for well over three yearsâ"outside of the warranty window even if you bought AppleCare,

That's like Sears. Bought a window AC from them, failed inside the 1 year warranty. They drug the replacement process out for so long that the warranty expired, then they tried to claim that since it was now out of warranty, they had deleted all information on the claim and they wouldn't cover it. Took many hours on the phone to even get the unit replaced with an inferior model, spent says in over-100 temps with no AC as a result. Now I sincerely hope Sears goes out of business. Petty? Too bad.

If you make your warranty claim before the period expires, though, they don't have a legal leg to stand on.

This is not Apple's first epic hardware failure. The one by which I've been personally bitten is the B&W G3 data corruption bug. Rev.1 used a CMD IDE controller which sucked, and which Apple implemented very poorly. Works okay in the Ultrasparc 5, causes data corruption with most UDMA devices in the B&W G3 mac. Apple's solution was either spend more money on FWB toolkit (a third party utility) or spend more money on a PCI IDE card, which due to the apple tax was $100 back when exactly the same card with a different rom was sold for the PC for $20. No logic board replacements. When they folded the old TechInfo Library (TIL) into the modern Knowledge Base (KB) they got both older and newer articles than the one in which they described this problem, because Apple would like you to forget both that they make crap and that they will leave you twisting in the wind even when they know it was their fault and their products are not suitable for their described purpose.

Apple is different from other OEMs only in that it is sleazier.

Is sleazier mean lack of ethics?

Comment: Re: Wait ... (Score 1) 196

by lsatenstein (#49101975) Attached to: A123 Sues Apple For Poaching Employees

A contract usually requires an exchange of consideration. If you're going to demand that one of the parties agree to terms beyond their agreed upon work duration, then you need to provide them with compensation beyond that duration.

And anyway, you can't sign away your civil rights. An employer can't make you sign a contract that says "...and I will be your slave forever and will never work for another company."

Typical R&D contracts have a non-compete clause. For 6 months or for one year you cannot work for a competitor doing the same kind of research.
The employee has the "right to work" clause, by default, and can't be stopped from working on projects in a different technical area at a competitor.

And then there is the question of ethics. Some companies have them, and some dont.

Comment: Re:thanks (Score 2) 211

by lsatenstein (#49101951) Attached to: 800,000 Using Were Sent Incorrect Tax Data

Thank, Obama!

You know, I used to warn people against the Govt being so involved with our healthcare. I likened it to putting the DMV in charge of you if you got the flu. The long wait times, the surly and non-helpful govt employees there staring more at the clock than worried about you getting new plates.

But hell, I will at least admit the DMV does tend to get its mailings out on time and in proper fashion.

I know its a pipe dream, but I wish we could move the govt (especially the Feds) back more to their constitutionally mandated responsibilities. At the very least, my dealing with them could and should pretty much only be once a year.

1. Tell me how much tax to pay (simplify this).

2. Leave me the fuck alone.

I'd be 101% supportive of my federal overlords if they could just get to this point in their interactions with me. I'll be fine on my own to haggle and negotiate for my jobs, and my bill rates. I'l be happy to manage my own health care, and know what is important to save for (retirement, routine health needs, medical insurance for catastrophic needs, etc).

I seriously don't need you to play nanny state with me, I don't need you to suck up so much of my money and waste it.

I don't need you spying on me.

I live in Quebec Canada and I love our system. It is one reason I would never relocate to the USA. My health care costs me about $100/mo each for my wife and I. My daughter and her husband pay about three thousand in taxes for the two of them and their three kids. And we have a drug plan too. I could go private or public, and chose public. Our plan will never bankrupt me or require me to choose between drugs or food.

It costs me about $15/mo each for my wife and I plus I get my prescribed drugs at 20% of cost. I can elect to chose generics, if they are available and I do so because it saves me some money. And we have a ceiling on what our drug expenses are, before our copay pay becomes zero.

My daugher has MS and her drugs are $30,000 per year (not a typo, 30k). Her out of pocket drug cost is the rate / month with $2k per year ceiling, for life.
Our doctor visits are free, as are prescribed mri scans, xrays, hospital stays. In other words, medicare (single payer system) works.

We include free ambulance service. And no, unlike the negative antagonistic thinking against affordiable care, people in Canada do not abuse either the medicare, drug plan or ambulance services.

Dentistry is excluded for children under the age of 8, as are eye exams. Free eye exams and some lenses for seniors who are 65+.

I will be needing hearing aids within 5 years. Some of my older friends have pacemakers. I believe I have an allowance of $2k for hearing aids. Re pacemakers, the doctor chooses from a list of pacemakers. It and the installation costs the patient a big zero. Included in our public insurance are things like wheel chairs, installation of in-home stair elevators (for those whose bedrooms are on a second floor, and other things that would allow an person/couple to remain autonomous.)

By the way, more or less the same plan is provided in Europe, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Cuba, Israel, and other places. I know not about your medicaid. Is it similar?

Lets hope your opting out is worth it. With the rapid changes in technology today and in the future, there is not guarantee you will have a steady job after age 55. There is no guarantee your employer will provide a comprehensive a medical plan if your enrolment in the government plan will cost less for the business. Your life expectancy is today, beyond age 80.


Comment: Re:Hmm, maybe (Score 1) 213

by lsatenstein (#49101745) Attached to: Sony Offers a "Premium Sound" SD Card For a Premium Price

but electrical noise is actually a real problem for audio work.

Which should be dealt with at the analog end of the audio circuit.

SD cards are in the digital side. Analog and digital sides don't mix in any sane circuit design. But then this is for people that buy those Monster HDMI, Ethernet and other digital signaling cables.

My bits in bytes stored in my superior bytes will have sharper corners than your SSD is what I think they will provide. That is a way to say our memory has faster rise times and fall times. And for that feature, it requires special low capacity circuitry. It matters not about the rise/fall edge if all the circuitry samples in the centre between clock transitions. But with very fast rise /fall times comes extreme sensitivity to static noise. Where the current memory takes 5 to 10 nanoseconds to change state, noise would have to be a pulse at least 2 to 3 nanoseconds wide to perhaps provide a false reading. But with performance memory, that same 2 nanosecond noise can completely change the state of the sampled bit because of the time required for a rise/fall of signal.

And for those square corners, you have to pay a premium. So just suck that up!

Comment: Re:Here are the FACTS (Score 1) 129

by lsatenstein (#49100673) Attached to: Delivery Drones: More Feasible If They Come By Truck

lots of naysayers

Always remember that Slashdot has lots and lots of cynical naysayers, they are disproportionately modded up, and they are nearly always wrong about anything that has a "social" aspect. Here are some consensus predictions from Slashdot:

1. Smart phones are stupid, and will never catch on. They are a solution looking for a problem.
2. Tablets are even stupider, and will definitely fail, because you can't write code on a tablet.
3. Facebook will be out of business by 2008.
4. Nobody will use "the cloud" because any home user can build their own triple-redundant RAID storage system, and battery backed whole-house conditioned power.

So, I like your implied conclusion. Do the opposite to what Slashdot recommends. Actually, for the above, slashdot caused the price of shares to drop to where the smart one purchased them at a bargain. I was the one of the smart-ones, but I did not have enough money to make a difference in my life.

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